What makes English the most difficult Language? [A Case Study]

Oh Cap’n, my Cap’n?

Robin Cru’el
1 min readMay 25, 2020


Sailor says to Captain: “Cap’n, some of the passengers are starting to worry about the course.”
Captain says: “Aye boi, nothing wrong with the course. It was delicious.”
Sailor says to Captain: “No Cap’n…about the course! We think it may be off.”
Captain responds furiously: “Listen, my boi! This is nothing but a case of the ol’ Sea Sickness! Tell them passengers to bag it.”
Sailor, now deeply sunken in his own curiosity: “Cap’n, if you could just look at the map again; you may find we’re heading straight into an Island. We’re definitely off course!”
Captain, responds with bemused laughed: “Of course!(?)”
Sailor, now turns to address the audience: “And this Children, is what makes English the most difficult language.”

Shiver me timbers.



Robin Cru’el

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