We’ll figure it out.

“man using smartphone” by Kevin Grieve on Unsplash

Dealing with situations one at a time, as they come along — I’m not exactly someone walking around with a survival guide; I just have enough faith my abilities to know that I’ll it figure out.

It works, it has so far.

Planning ahead, usually fails for me — because I’m expecting and preparing for the outcome I’ve assumed.

In truth, we can’t prepare for the unknown.

What we can do is, work on our abilities, reach in within us and refine ourselves; incase the unpredictable does happen, we’re not running around in circles.

Remember Y2K? As the entire world awaited for the disaster that never came, the seconds rolled over to another day — and nothing happened, except for maybe New-Year Fireworks.

Some were happy, some were disappointed, and some wrote books about it years later.

What remained true then, remains true to this day — Fear is a powerful tool.

We’re afraid of what we can’t understand.

Understandably so, yet the ones that do survive aren’t the ones standing still — they strike further, to understand exactly what it is that we’re supposed to be afraid of.

They ask questions, seek answers.

They find problems, provide the solutions.

Whilst the rest watch upon in fear, these remarkable few get things done.

They don’t shy away from the problems, they move forward — honing their abilities.

They don’t come prepared, they just believe that when time comes — they’ll figure it out.

It’s an ability we all garner within us, only a few muster up the will required to act on it.

We fear what we don’t understand, so let’s attempt to try and understand it.

And slowly but surely, brick by brick — we’ll figure it out, for the better.

Thank you for reading.

I failed to learn the piano, so I decided I’d play the keyboard instead. //All aboard the Crazytrain.

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