W.Salam Brother, I appreciate the offer but I am currently working on a Marine project — hence the connection isn’t that great at all. But if you wish to feature my opinion, I would greatly appreciate that. I am hoping to write a more detailed piece on previous Fines and why Khabib’s investigation is flawed because of the footage I’ve analysed regarding Conor attempting to jump the Octagon Fence and he struck first. There’s also the matter of what has now been revealed that Herb failed to discipline Conor McGregor on cheating repeatedly, despite protest from Khabib during the match; after audio analysis it reveals Conor taunted Khabib by saying “It’s the fight business”, Implying that he can get away with cheating. To which Khabib responded “Ayy, I guess so”. Which is crucial regarding the Nevada Investigation and withholding Khabib’s prize but not pressing Conor for his behaviour. It has also come to light that Dillon Danis was constantly provoking Khabib throughout the fight and when the fight ended, he was physically trying to get Khabib’s attention and shouted (God Forbid) “F*king Muslim Rat!” — which cause Khabib to jump out of the Octagon.

Also much be noted, Dillon Danis was not an innocent by-stander; he’s a trained fighter as Joe Rogan covered. It was a Fight Corner Khabib jumped into and not directly at the civilians.

I hope this helps.

Much appreciated and Take care, brother.

Good luck to you.


I failed to learn the piano, so I decided I’d play the keyboard instead. //All aboard the Crazytrain.

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