Very well put, I think if people saw Khabib’s reaction for what it is — an outburst of raw emotion rather than a “Hate-filled person”, they need to view him as a person before attaching labels to him. The outburst has mostly been regarding his religious views, but I keep asking myself this: If we just judge fighters for their “Performance” rather than their Religion, Culture, or even Race, we could see with more clarity with what ensued. Khabib’s reaction might have tainted his reputation and no doubt he’ll be ridiculed for it; but the man rained my respect when he spoke at the Post-Fight Conference and was truly humble and apologetic for his reaction. There was a definite bias, in my opinion, towards McGregor’s previous antics vs Khabib’s reaction. None the less, it made the fight so much more exciting and I hope people don’t just make him the poster child to spew their hatred towards his religious views. From my personal opinion, if somebody put whiskey infront of me and taunted me the way McGregor did at the Pre-Fight Conference, mate I would’ve lost it too. Clearly Dana was enjoying this behaviour until it all went out of control. It’s sad to see a person of talent now be demonised and viewed as a, “Violent Muslim, who acted like an animal” whilst McGregor would probably have been viewed differently had he jumped out of the Octagon. Never the less, a great fight and truly a great show of spirit from both fighters. Let’s not forget Dana did use the hype from the bus-attack to promote the fight, but failed to defend Khabib. I couldn’t believe it when he said “I don’t care if they arrest me, Dana, I want my belt in this ring”. If I was somehow able to blur their and not know who fought who, I’d still say Khabib proved himself both on Foot and on the Ground. I do wish that he’d kept his calm and maybe a few second of patience would have helped garner the respect of McGregor fans as well, but I guess such is life — we’re only human and lose control. I respect him for atleast addressing his behaviour and apologising sincerely for it. Appreciate your response, brother. Thank you!

I failed to learn the piano, so I decided I’d play the keyboard instead. //All aboard the Crazytrain.

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