Time to face the music — Mr. Trump.

A beautifully crafted scene from the movie ‘Margin Call’, sets the tone for the American mentality and political thinking.

In the intense scene, during which various members of the board and colleagues struggle to battle the upcoming disaster they’ve predicted — is the defining moment just how delusional and monstrous, greed can become.

In the scene, Jeremy Irons’ character is informed that the coming Financial Crisis will cause the music to simply slow down — to which he eloquently responds:

“I’m here for one reason and one reason alone. I’m here to guess what the music might do a week, a month, a year from now. That’s it. Nothing more. And standing here tonight, I’m afraid that I don’t hear — a — thing. Just. Silence.”

Its the blatant empty, stone cold tone of his voice that resonates through to these recent events and the massacre that occurred at Parkland.

Businesses and Organisations, simply have no reason to care. To them, what’s most crucial is their survival; and the way that they continue to live through this guilt from consuming them is convincing themselves that they’re Economically Relevant.

That without them Society would simply fail to function and left back to the Dark-Ages where we’ll be slaughtering one another.

Parkland has set the tone now in stone; that it’s time for a change.

For a President, who has defined all odds. Has done the most unimaginable and unconventional acts; coming out unscathed. Simply leaves a sense of greed and selfishness hanging in the balance.

When the time came for him to have one simple moment of humanity; even then he failed to escape from his sociopathic tendencies of being a complete narcissist.

I’ll attempt to do the impossible and try to understand just how Mr. Trump’s brain functions and what’s driven his outrageous policies and standpoints.

Mexico Borderwall:
- Fact:
Mr. Trump claims to put a stop to illegal immigration, Give Jobs back to the American People, and destroy the means through which the cartels smuggle drugs into the country.
Simple Economics. Building an expensive Border-wall is not the solution, Mr. Trump. For even a man such as you, who claims he’s the smartest Business man alive should know that when there’s demand, the suppliers will almost always find a way to fulfil it. No matter where the drugs come from. And jobs aren’t created by building walls, they’re created by boosting the Economy, an Economy where people feel relevant.

The Immigration Ban — Ban All Muslims:
Mr. Trump believes that banning all Muslims will solve the problem of Terrorism and will most definitely end Terrorist related Violence.
Terrorism still exists, except this time it wasn’t a Muslim Immigrant. It was a Natural Born American Citizen.
If issues such as shutting down Terrorist activity were so simple; we would’ve banned all human’s from crossing borders a long time ago.

All the above mentioned acts have done is berate people and taken away their self-esteem. It’s boiled people down to a point that they feel embarrassed to be within their skin. And I’ll admit, It worked. Because for a time I did feel ashamed of being Brown and Pakistani; I felt like every time a person that resembled my skin-colour did something awful; it was my fault. So Yes Sir, if destroying Human-Self Esteem was your goal — you deserve a Nobel Prize for it.

But Parkland was different, because this time I didn’t feel bad because I was born and Pakistan — it was because I’m a Human Being and a Student; just like those children whose lives were taken away.

The Question I have is simply this:

If you can get away with doing the most gruesome, outlandish, most obscure acts — what’s scaring you from taking a stand against Gun-Control? It’s not cowardice. As you’ve displayed so many times before, you’re indestructible. You can fire anybody you want. You can grab anyone’s genitals. And you can certainly convince people that the hair on your head didn’t come out of your arse.

You’ve played golf more times in a day, by the time half of America is done taking their morning dump.

So what’s stopping you, the ‘Hero’, the ‘United America’, the ‘I’m smartest’, the ‘I’m greatest’; from doing one act of selflessness to put an end to this nightmare.

Because for a country that has the means and resources to spy on the citizens of the rest of the world; you failed at running a simple background check on one of your own civilians.

Because we’re all tired of your shit. And it’s time to face the music.

Because it definitely feels like the music is about to stop.

And you’ll be left holding the biggest pile of excrement ever assembled in American Politics.

And whilst you’re at it; since you seem so inclined to appear into spotlight and take credit for all the good — for once in your life ADMIT that Parkland was your fault and you, and you alone are solely responsible for this tragedy.

If A United America was your goal, somewhere along the way you forgot the reaction people would have when they weren’t allowed into the ‘United America’ group anymore.

Maybe they forgot to read the fine-print. Maybe when you said ‘We need a United America’, they forgot it was only Trump Exclusive.

I failed to learn the piano, so I decided I’d play the keyboard instead. //All aboard the Crazytrain.

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