They took my gym-membership away

So I built my own.

Swipe in —“Sir,I don’t think my card’s working.”

“Let me have a look, looks like your membership has been revoked.”


“Looks like it.”

“I pay my membership fee annually.”

“We’re happy to refund it.”

“Okay, mind explaining why it got cancelled?”

“No idea, Sir. Maybe a complaint?”

“A complaint?”

“Maybe, I’ll have to check with the management.”

“I come in at 6:30 a.m. hardly any one is ever here. Who’d complain and for what?”

“Sir, I don’t know the details. We can have your refund arranged. Looks like management cancelled your subscription.”

“Alright, Thank you.”

In this moment, I had two choices — Throw a tantrum or Go for a Run.

I chose the latter.

I’m angry, annoyed, infuriated, how dare they — my corner of self-improvement taken from me.

I get home, the bed looks pretty comfy.

I’ll sleep it off for the day.

Wake up the next day; it’s 2 a.m. and I’ve got two choices —

Stay in bed because my Gym membership has been revoked, what an excuse.


Get off my bed, go for a run, and then work with whatever I have in my room.

It’s choices such as these, in the face of adversity — when we get to decide which option we’ll take.

The easier one? Well my gym membership is gone so I guess I’ll just go back to bed.

The difficult one? Well my gym membership is gone so I guess I’ll just have to figure out another way to get things done.

It’s not just a gym membership that got revoked, it’s everything I value; it’s a test.

How much do I need this?

How badly do I want this?

What do I value more?

The fancy Gym Membership or My Boxing Training.

I love boxing, I’m not giving that up — no way.

Fine then, figure out a way to work with what I have.

Get off my ass, and fight it off.

The harder you push for something, the harder life pushes back.

It’s in these moments, that we look at ourselves and realise who we really are.

What we really want, and how badly we want it.

Do I need a fancy gym to workout? No.

All I need is a floor.

It just makes it easier, a pleasurable excuse to drive up to the gym everyday so that I can claim I did so.

Working out at home, figuring out what I can work with; now that was a challenge.

A challenge that required nothing more than a few internet searches, and putting into practice what I already know.






Shadow Boxing.




That’s all it took, none required any equipment what so ever.

All it required was the right mindset.

It’s in this moment that I had some clarity, a realisation; it isn’t just about the gym membership.

It could happen to anything I pursue.

The test of how badly I need it.

How much I value to achieve that goal in life.

And if the opportunity gets taken away from us, do we just walk away?

We don’t, we figure something else out.

Work around it.

Punch through it.

Life is all but a journey, and through it we face obstacles.

It’s how we handle these obstacles that define us.

If I would so easily give up on my love of boxing because my gym membership got revoked, think of all the others things I’d happily just give up on because the opportunity got yanked away from me.

It’s difficult to think clearly in moments of adversity, which is why it’s important to take a step back — rethink.

What was worth more in that moment, arguing with the management and making a fool of myself or My Boxing Training?

$35 and I built myself my own gym.

Guess what, I no longer need to spend money on a fancy gym any longer.

Further to that the management called to “apologise”.

“Sir, I believe there was a misunderstanding. We’re happy to restore your membership.”

“No problem. I think I’ll just stick with the refund. I built my own gym for less. I do Thank you for your service, it was a pleasure whilst it lasted.”

Time to move on.

Life’s too short to live dwelling over the past hanging over us, keeping us from moving forward.

So next time, your membership gets yanked away — work around it, mate.

I failed to learn the piano, so I decided I’d play the keyboard instead. //All aboard the Crazytrain.

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