They Key to Success is Picking the Lock.

Corporate Dilemmas.

Robin Cru’el
3 min readDec 14, 2020


As I delve deeper into the corporate world, I’ve come closer to the realisation that at some point I’ll have to make an important decision:

Do I wish to shape the world around me or do I let it shape me?

The corporation for which I work has expectations from me which they regard as my ‘Intellectual Abilities’, yet as every encounter I have, every recommendation I forward, every innovative project I propose; ends up serving as a dead-end.

A dead-end which reads plainly as ‘corrupt’. That every meeting I’m being led into has a deeper meaning than what is initially presented to me, that my ‘Intellectual Abilities’ are not required to engage in the progress of the projects I propose but rather help serve a purpose that makes the company’s inside partner more wealthy.

If I challenge the opinion presented by my superiors, I’m reduced to being ridiculed and I’m told that there’s gaps in my theories. If I sit still, smile, and formulate and execute the orders they present without argument; they seem content.

It is as though they want me to help them go along with inside works that they’re hoping to engage in. Help certain people get wealthy. And at its’ core is my ideology being cannibalised to help their personal gains; through which I may even one day become wealthy.

But my projects have always had a deeper meaning and purpose, I’ve always wanted the greater good. Every project I undertake, at its very core, is an element of me. And I wish to not surrender the beliefs that I hold dear; the beliefs that have made me what I am.

I hold dear my ethics and execution of the projects I believe in; I cannot allow another to benefit or pollute my ideas for their personal gains and immoral deeds. I can’t just sit still, smile, ignore, and execute what they demand from me.

I mustn’t and shouldn’t allow the bludgeoning of what is at its core, an element that encapsulates me. I know that if I investigate, ask too many questions, or challenge directly, the intentions of my superiors; I’ll be brutalised and forbidden from progress.

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