The trouble with Late-Night Talk shows; they’re making me like Trump.

“A figure costumed in an American flag, hoodie and mask” by Michael (Mikey) on Unsplash

Thou doth protest too much?

Ever since the Election of President Donald Trump, it seems as though Late-Night talk show hosts and comedians alike cannot resist but use Trump’s name a crutch for lazy writing and cheap laughter.

At the beginning of it all, it was entertaining, fun to watch, maybe even exciting.

But then it shifted; and the comedy faded away to crassness. It seemed that Talk shows just couldn’t get through a Monologue without mentioning President Trump or doing a braindead, overtly painful to watch imitation of Donald Trump; the silly voice and all.

What exactly drove Late Night shows to such pure insanity that instead of Late Night talk shows being the prime source of Entertainment turned to pure embellishment of horrible imitation comedy (if you could even call it that).

I was not a supporter of President Donald Trump, and like many like-minded people did not agree with his decision making; but the hatred and vile mockery almost made me feel sympathetic towards a person that I did not completely agree with.

Almost a year into Donald Trump show, I find myself becoming more in touch with the President than the Late Night hosts I once admired.

The problem isn’t just the imitation and lazy writing or even the extreme amount of attention to make the President part of every conversation; it’s the plain and simple fact that it just isn’t funny.

It’s ludicrous.

It’s like a broken-hearted boyfriend ranting about an ex-girlfriend he just can’t get over with.

It’s driven a new low for what once used to be an intelligent source of Entertainment, now it’s just a buzz-word that gets the audience excited.

Whilst comedians such as Dave Chappelle, Bill Burr, Norm Macdonald, and Conan O’Brien took a more eloquent approach to the subject without compromising the integrity of their performance.

Other have just simply resorted to what seems as though they’re swallowed a bunch of loony pills.

The all time great, David Letterman; despite his hatred of the Bush Administration, knew where to draw the line between blending comedy and politics.

Colbert, who followed in his foot steps seems to have made his entire act about the President and nothing else.

Even to the point that Celebrities can’t get through an interview without being asked about their opinion on the Trump Presidency even when they have no interest in the subject matter.

Maybe Celebrities should just stick to their own Industry before criticising a situation by simply use the word “Fuck Trump”?

As my hipsters friends would have you believe, “Dude, I was hating on Trump way before it was cool to do so.”

But what’s even more mind-numbing is the sheer hypocrisy that is associated with Late-Night talk show hosts; at a time when Jimmy Kimmel took to the stage to talk about his newly born child and the heart disease that his son unfortunately would have to battle, had absolutely no problem ridiculing Trump’s 12-Year Old Son, Barron.

In this new age of President bashing comedy, how original is it to make fun of the President for some cheap laughs and jumping on the hatred band-waggon that is the new normality for comedians.

Are we all just witnessing the end of quality Late-Night content when talk shows used to be about more than just Trump imitations?

I failed to learn the piano, so I decided I’d play the keyboard instead. //All aboard the Crazytrain.

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