The perils of not existing on Social Media.

“That’s a bit creepy…”

I’ve missed my fair share of birthday invites and house-warming parties, to realise I need a better form of communication; to remind myself the amount of times I’ve been told, as I stare into the abyss and wonder if I even exist?

Lately I’ve been giving it some thought, as to why I never actually bothered with social media and why my flirtation with it almost always ended in calamity.

I never have been an over-sharer or an admirer of what others are up to, and if I miss someone or feel the need to chat; call me old fashioned, I give them a call.

I find text messages to be extensive and never-ending; plus the sarcasm lost in translation has landed me in some deeply hot-waters enough times that I think it is best to avoid them entirely.

Though recently, as more individual awaken to the perils of social-media — far be it that my concerns have gotten any less stringent.

Yet, some how, accepting and realising I do not in fact exist on “Social Media” sends chills down the spines of those that do exist on it; in fact so much so that doubt has started creeping into my relationships with people.

On a normal occasion, I’m pretty much able to avoid anything that was shared of social media and I missed out on it, as a trusted friend will always make sure to remind me;

It’s unsettling when people start giving you

Well…nothing, really. Except, my life isn’t all that interesting and I’d rather just avoid most virtual interactions entirely.

I miss the romance of having to wait, for the right time and right place for a dear friend to share a personal story; but now it seems the virtual circle knows about it before I do, and I’m okay with that.

Except the stories aren’t shared in person anymore, they’re discussed about.

Experiences aren’t explored, they’re presented and trended.

A life worth living, isn’t worth it; if it isn’t worth posting and dammit why is it not trending!

Hence, I find myself in the deepest of sorrows — when I do wish my dear friends and the response is,

It is creepy, I have a notebook and a cell-phone; and a membrane that is quite thoughtful of remembering dates that matter the most to me.

In the age of social media, anything that isn’t on there is somehow deemed a worthy sacrifice of an identity we’d rather not present.

And so here I was…sitting in my favourite corner, as people snap-chatted and took selfies; and I looked upon them savouring the moment — only to reminded,

Sure is, bud.
There’s nothing creepier than trying to have a good time whilst you share your location with complete strangers #Blessed.

I failed to learn the piano, so I decided I’d play the keyboard instead. //All aboard the Crazytrain.

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