Searching for Clarity.

Clarity and Patience help make better decisions, and avoiding embarrassing ones.

Patience hasn’t been one of my strongest suits, but as I grow older; I’ve read enough self-help books to know what helps and what doesn’t.

Whilst there’s plenty of material of self-help, endurance, patience, decision making, motivation…the list goes on.

Mine come from self-reflection; looking back at realising just how ‘stupid’ something I did was.

We all get a bad case of the “Mondays”, or an argument that left a bitter taste in our mouth for a few nights ago; so we took it upon ourselves to take it out on someone else.

Maybe even took it out on the road, ended up one of those instant karma videos.

As much as I love watching Instant Karma videos, I also feel a sense of “Shit that was me…”.

Reacting with anger, rather than thinking clearly.

I was watching the Khabib Vs. McGregor Press Conference today; noticing how composed and calm Khabib remains as McGregor attempts to penetrate his skin and defeat his opponent mentally; before they enter the Octagon.

It led me down an experience I had not too long ago, with the security at our office building.

Nobody likes being honked at, especially when you know there’s something quite clearly visible to you that isn’t to the person behind that’s impatiently honking; waiting as the person eventually overtakes and lands into catastrophe.

Not being able to look past what’s in front of us; is a mistake I made too often.

The story goes, not too long ago, the security protocol at our office building was revamped.

We were to be issued new identification cards and extra measures had to be taken allowing only number plates registered within the system to enter the secure parking lot.

This was largely due to political instability and to counteract security threats.

It was primarily done for our own security.

I guess the part that the impatient lot forgot was, the security guards would be on-point and absolutely no “special treatment” was given to anybody.

Abuse of power and maybe a bit of ego got the best of me, because I’d forgotten to register my car with the system.

Hence, the security wouldn’t allow me to enter the secured parking lot.

“Sir, I know who you are. But the rules are being applied to everybody and we cannot allow your car to enter the facility. You need to park it on the street and we need to clear it before your number plate can be entered into the system”, a seemingly fair request.

Yet for some reason, I over-reacted.

“What do you mean, I can’t park in there. Why would I drive an insecure vehicle into my own work-place. You’re really fucking wasting my time here with this shit!”, ranting as I stormed off.

The security kept their calm, and I angrily slammed the door of my car and muttered “I’ll go see about this…”.

“What an idiotic thing to do…”, the thought instantly occurred to me.
“I just insulted a person for doing their JOB!”.

He was being logical, I was in the wrong; I over-reacted and he kept his calm.

Is it because they have better training and are used to brats like myself?

Or maybe this person has seen enough ego-maniacs to know, how this never ends well for the person shouting loudly.

I realised my mistake, went downstairs and apologised.

I was in the wrong.

Had he not done his job and let me in, there was no way of knowing my car was secure — and lives could have been at risk.

I don’t exactly take the best precautions and some one could’ve gained access to my vehicle.

This man did his job, kept his calm; used his logical side to negotiate with me.

Whilst I ranted off like a lunatic.

Don’t be that guy.

Rules apply to me, just the same as they do to everybody else.

And after drowning my face in embarrassment for mouthing off to a person who was just genuinely doing his job; I was embraced with a sense of humility and kindness when I apologised for my behaviour.

Lesson learnt; Think Twice before Reacting to a situation.

— Seek to understand, then to be understood.

I failed to learn the piano, so I decided I’d play the keyboard instead. //All aboard the Crazytrain.

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