The humbling role of Satire — Maintaining Sanity.

Satire plays on creeping under thin skin and breaking the surface, Comedy only hopes to make the skin tingle. In the face of absurdity, the satirist responds with a mirror reflecting an amplified absurdity; a comic may only replicate it to humorous effect.

“The laughter heard in circles not pervaded by the Comic idea, will sound harsh and soulless, like versified prose, if you step into them with a sense of the distinction. You will fancy you have changed your habitation to a planet remoter from the sun. You may be among powerful brains too. You will not find poets — or but a stray one, over-worshipped. You will find learned men undoubtedly, professors, reputed philosophers, and illustrious dilettanti. They have in them, perhaps, every element composing light, except the Comic. They read verse, they discourse of art; but their eminent faculties are not under that vigilant sense of a collective supervision, spiritual and present, which we have taken note of. They build a temple of arrogance; they speak much in the voice of oracles; their hilarity, if it does not dip in grossness, is usually a form of pugnacity.”

I failed to learn the piano, so I decided I’d play the keyboard instead. //All aboard the Crazytrain.

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