The downfall of Late-Night.

The day they decided to start pretending to be Moral Pundits.

Remember a time when one tuned into Late Night talk shows to get a good laugh and listen to great stories; these days it’s a bunch of hacks pretending to be Jon Stewart living out the rest of their careers doing Donald Trump imitations.

Since Craig Ferguson’s departure from Late Night media, the only real personality crafting work that is worth following is Conan O’Brien.

When the reign of David Letterman’s legacy was handed down to Stephen Colbert, it really did feel like Mr. Colbert was onto something — but somewhere along the way during the Presidential Campaign, I think he lost his marbles.

And the show stopped being funny.

Seeing a force such as Stephen Colbert, who truly struck me as an original with his work on The Colbert Report — I truly believed he was next in line to be remembered as a true legend amongst the giants of Late-Night Personalities.

Late Night Talk shows weren’t, at least to my perception, ever a place for Political Agenda — it was a legacy of tuning into television late at night to detox after a long-day.

Now it’s a reminder of what’s so depressing about the world…and how these smart-asses are going to save us all from the impending hell upon us.

As the video above mentions, “Pre-Interviews mean nothing”.

As a matter of fact, it’s the free-form structure that made Late Night so much fun to watch.

Here’s an example of how the great David Letterman handled unexpected situations:

The last straw for me is the recent controversy surrounding Mr. Norm Macdonald being told to vacate the set as his appearance on Jimmy Fallon had to be cancelled due to the comments Norm had made in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, who despite being a brave comic on SNL and a talented standup comedian is also some one who knows how the Audience views television was forced into a position to have to apologise for his remarks about the #Metoo Movement. He went on to do just that on The View. But if Fallon truly had the guts and faith in his abilities, he wouldn’t have dared to cancel Norm Macdonald’s appearance.

He realises nobody likes watching a person smarter than themselves.

Kurt Vonnegut Jr’s writing reflects the same ideology to me; sure he could’ve easily picked up a dictionary and packed all the biggest words he could find at his disposal to form the most complicated of sentences to show off his Literary Genius. Instead he chose Simplicity.

It’s difficult to produce Simplicity without trying to be pretentious.

Norm Macdonald, well read in Russian Literature, instead chooses not to overtly show-off how smart and well-read he is; instead he’ll use jargon and juvenile comedy because he knows that’s what the audience relates to.

Don Rickles had a similar effect on the audience, when he came on to roast people or do his insult comedy bits — he wasn’t spiteful, he was playful and self deprecating, his insults didn’t land on someone’s character but rather with sentences that absolutely made no sense; and he always ended his comedy with compliments, humility, and compassion for the subject and audience.

The thing about pretending to be smart on television is, after a while the audience gets tired of it.

Which is why I think Seth Meyers, Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert, and Trevor Noah are just hacks pretending to be Moral Pundits ever since President. Donald Trump became a crutch for lazy comedians.

Stephen Colbert will unashamedly rant about how disgusted he is of President. Donald Trump but won’t hesitate to make a homosexual remark.

Jimmy Kimmel will cry about Healthcare, but make fun of the President’s youngest son comparing him to Game of Thrones’ character Joffrey Baratheon.

Seth Meyer will well…uhh. I don’t even know what he tries to do.

Trevor Noah will try to always pretend to fill Jon Stewart’s shoes.

And Jimmy Fallon will always be spineless perfecting his fake laughter.

Conan O’Brien will always be the funniest comedian active, period, whilst the rest soak their audiences with their political agenda drowning them in depression.

Point being: I don’t tune into Late-Night to be depressed, I watch it to be entertained; for a little while forget about just how shitty life is.

Hence, it fills me with great joy that Mr. Norm Macdonald is finally getting his shot with Netflix to do something truly original.

A talk show which is practically about nothing but conversation.

There’s no band, There’s no sketches — it’s just raw conversation.

It’s a breath of fresh-air, to see Netflix try and do something different — giving Norm Macdonald the opportunity to bring his absurd humour and knack for avoiding fakery which prevailed in his Podcast to a larger platform.

I failed to learn the piano, so I decided I’d play the keyboard instead. //All aboard the Crazytrain.

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