Sound’s like you’re onto something.

Here’s the thing, Life is acting; For the most part — we’re always playing a part.

At Home.

With Friends.

With Acquaintainces.

With Colleagues.

With Bosses.

At Job Interviews.

That Hot Barista.

With Family.

Some times we’ve been acting for so long we forget what we were to begin with; so I stopped acting — I realised I was no Daniel Day Lewis.

Spent a lot of time alone and came to a realisation of who I was.

What kind of person I wanted to be, gave it a lot of thought.

It was odd. People didn’t like this new version of me.

It was rude, failing to make small-time conversation, refusing to come to parties, refusing to hug babies, and most of all just humming along.

For some reason that really pissed people off; enough to make up erratic stories about me.

The Award for which goes to the one where a relative of mine called my family to let them know, “I was possessed by an evil spirit and had to go visit some person they knew; who could fix it.”

I called the relative back and asked if it were an acting school.

They hung up.

It’s funny how the happiest I’ve ever been could be monstrous for others; simply because I’d stopped pretending, stopped with the bullshit.

And just once and for all decided I couldn’t fake it anymore. Not for anything.

The worst thing I did recently was not cry at a funeral. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

People think I’m a sociopath. I just felt I had no connection to the human that had passed away.

Let ’em judge.

’Cause I’m not dancing around on a table when they throw their quarters at me anymore.

I failed to learn the piano, so I decided I’d play the keyboard instead. //All aboard the Crazytrain.

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