Sacrifices, Tough Choices, and Dealing with my Vices.

Before trying to solve a problem, I must make sure I’m not the cause of it.

Tough decisions had to be made if I were to fix my life.

It wasn’t easy, and my decisions continue to be tested.

Anyways, here’s what I did to make sure I wasn’t part of the problem.

My Job:

— I wasn’t happy, wasn’t making progress, but I received a pretty chunky pay-check to do absolutely nothing.

— Quitting the job wasn’t easy, but sleepless nights and constant anxiety wasn’t worth it either.

— My wallet was about to get a lot tighter, and I knew I was burning bridges.

— I had to accept that this is a decision, I’m making; at my own free-will.

— I don’t get to complain about what comes after.


— I learnt to enjoy bus rides more than I did the fancy car the company had given me.

— I started to observe the world around me a lot more, taking pleasure in the simple things.

— I learnt my life had some adjustments to make financially.

— Decluttering things I didn’t need and accepting a simpler life.

My Social Life:

— I had lost interest in partying, realising excessive partying was just a get-away from reality.

— I knew I’d have to cut ties with certain friends, who wouldn’t understand where I was coming from.

— I wanted to discontinue juvenile behaviour and lust for sexual gratification.

— Quitting my Job meant I couldn’t waste money anymore, so Friday night partying routine had to go.


— I learnt I could be comfortable with myself.

— I focused the money I’d spend on a Friday night out on a Gym membership instead.

— Financial restraint meant I couldn’t order up food whenever I wanted, I had to learn how to cook better and cheaply.

— Realised not only was cooking at home cheaper, it was also heaps healthier.

— I gained confidence in myself by letting go of friends that I had to cut ties with.

— I learnt I had more self-control than I realised and that the Internet could be used to Education rather than Jerking off.

— I felt happier, lighter, comfortable in with myself.

— I started enjoying long walks to no set destination instead of a pursuit of meaningless gratification from others.

Turning my urges into creativity:

Writing. Yeap, Thank you Medium! For not only allowing me to express myself, but also be a decent support of financial help.

Water. Who could’ve thought the worst of pleasures could be replaced with water? Every time I felt the need to engage in something I wouldn’t be too happy with, I chugged water.

Empathy. Instead of being a dismissive, judgemental prick; I started to empathise and be patient. Understand what others had to say instead of being the loudest individual in the room. Learning more, and shouting less. Putting my mind at easy and incorporating what I could understand.

Asking for help. I stopped pretending to be a know-it-all and instead seek out people with better knowledge and wisdom. Asking people to explain things to me rather than jumping to a conclusion on my own. Having simple conversations and being able to ascertain music from all the noise.

And finally, I bought a decent mattress.

Who knew a mattress would be one of the best investments I’d ever make…

I failed to learn the piano, so I decided I’d play the keyboard instead. //All aboard the Crazytrain.

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