Now IS the time to talk about IT, is the right answer.

Image Credits: Christoper Hitchens / Unknown.

Gus Van Sant did his fair share of making an attempt to at the very least, make an attempt to understand the underlying problem of Mass-School Shootings.

And He did so eloquently; in the movie ‘Elephant’.

I watched the movie again today to remind myself of what exactly we missed the point on.

And the answer is:

‘Now is not the time to talk about it’ is NOT the right answer.

At the age of 15, when I was still in school; the only drill we ever had was related to Earthquakes. Due to the massive Earthquake that devastated the regions of Kashmir and Pakistan; it was a necessary step towards educating students on the right procedures to follow in the event of an unfortunate and unpredicted Earthquake.

As students, we used to love these drills — because it meant we could bunk class and go hang out at the cafeteria. And it all seemed like fun to us, as kids.

Fast forward to today, students no longer have to worry about Fire or Natural Disaster drills; unfortunately now its elevated to a much greater and notorious threat looming over every educational facility in America —

Mass-School Shooting Drills.

I’m no professional at judging how efficient these drills are or just how effective they are when such an attack should befall upon unsuspecting, innocent students.

What I do understand, as a human being is the emotional impact it has on a teenager’s psychological health and condition.

Could you image what it must feel like?

Being injected with the poisonous caution that the person sitting next to you could be a potential mass-murderer who might one day launch a deadly assault on you and your peers.

I simply cannot image, as an adult having to go through such a drill. Or even having to live with the fear that a Mass-Shooting is a potential possibility.

Students would grow up in Fear and Paranoia. Their Childhood and Joy would be ripped apart from their souls.

A RIGHT to indulge in the joy of being in school and making friends would be stripped away from them with the fear engrossed in them by a Government that’s too cowardly to act.

These grown adults, instead of taking responsibility; choose instead to put children through the intense psychological drill of a Mass-Shooting and how to protect themselves.

Whilst, the argument may be that it’s necessary and students should be made aware of how to act in such a state of panic.

Can’t the Government do better?

I’m not doubting the importance of the drill; I’m questioning as to why it’s become so necessary to begin with.

It’s pure ignore and bigotry on the Government’s side to act against the maniacal power that the NRA has over them.

It’s also the Government’s disassociation from wanting to indulge with the issue head-on.

And if the NRA is too scary for the Government, what about the millions of American Soldiers who are deployed abroad fighting a war for their country; whilst countless children are still being slaughtered back at home.

Shouldn’t there be a question that maybe it’s time to bring a percentage of these Soldiers back home, where they belong — and have them protect the School’s parameters instead of fighting to secure more liquid gold for the Government.

Put the question to the people and soldiers who so willingly signup to fight for their country — and see what they have to say.

All my Love and Condolences to the brave survivors of the Parkland Shooting.

Know that you are loved. We share your pain.

And know that I will not stop fighting for your rights till appropriate action is taken.

March Forth. It’s your time now — let the Elected Officials know if you aren’t old enough to buy a drink at a bar, you sure as shit aren’t old enough to own a military grade assault weapon.

I failed to learn the piano, so I decided I’d play the keyboard instead. //All aboard the Crazytrain.

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