A wise news-man once said to me, “Murder sells, kid.”

I didn’t quite understand the point until I started growing extremely fond of subjects that made my parents wonder if I was fit for society.

Now by all means, I’m a pretty regular odd fella. But for some reason, I’m not the only one obsessed with creepy murder mysteries.

Or as I call it; The Netflix Phenomenon.

Murder sells.

Netflix has proved it.

Since its first dive into Murder Mysteries with “Making a Murder”.

Netflix knew it had found its audience.

The core of their business strategy.

Murder sells.

So why stop?

They got the best and the worst to come together and churn up a budget thumping magnitude of all things murder related.

From Psychopaths, Serial Killers, Wrongful Convictions, Ghost-Stories, Paranormal Activity..you get the point(?)

Netflix has captured the audience and figured out how to glue subscribers to their screens.

Others weren’t far behind to pick up on this phenomenon and soon we saw the famous O.J. Simpson saga in three different forms; A TV Series, A Documentary, And a Lost Confession. What a wonderful way to make a killing.

Netflix keeps pumping these bad-boys out like pancakes on a weekend.

And it’s good business.

Judging by the rating and the social conversation it sparks.

Netflix knows full-well — Murder is great business.

Specifically when it’s spiced up and full of mysteries.

Just to name a few (Incase we’d all forgotten):

— Mind Hunter

— Amanda Knox

— The Staircase

— The Confession Tapes

— Dark Tourist

— Shadow of Truth

— Dirty Money

— Out of Thin Air

— Evil Genius

— I am a Killer

— Manhunt: Unabomber

— Inside the Criminal Mind

The List goes on; and as I’m sure you might have realised by now, there’s a reason why these are some of the top rated, buzz frenzy media content ever produced or published by Netflix.

It doesn’t take a fool to figure out The Jinx, exposed an obsession with murder mysteries.

And so here I am; proposing to Netflix, as a broke writer, I know what you guys are upto fellas. It seems to be working.

Murder Sells.

Let’s keep selling it.

I know you guys have a vault where you keep these profit churning bundles, incase you fail to meet the quarterly projected profits — Pump a Murder Documentary out.

Better yet release a dozen more related content to top it off.

Release Aileen and then top it off with “Hey would you be interested in watching Charlize Theron portraying her in the movie called “Monster”?”

“And hey, appetite for more? Well guess what, we got this plethora of others murder docs and movies we know you’d love to watch and obsess over.”

So I’ve made my decision, instead of writing about what subjects that truly inspire me.

I’m taking the sell-out way out; I’m going to start writing exclusively about Murderers, Serial Killers, and Psychopaths.

Because let’s face it, my current writing material isn’t really making me enough dough to buy a doughnut.

Because Murder Sells — Might as-well jump the bandwagon and make a killing off it.

I failed to learn the piano, so I decided I’d play the keyboard instead. //All aboard the Crazytrain.

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