The skewed perception of sexuality and manhood.

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Can you remember the last time you said to yourself , “I’m very happy and satisfied with being single.”

It dives into an issue, I believe strongly in, which needs to be discussed.

A disclaimer as some of the things I say might trigger people, so if you’re overly sensitive about your manhood; click away to Pornhub. Because this is an honest rant I need to have.

The introduction of dating apps didn’t help Men meet relatable partners, it became a hub for sexually predatory behaviour. I cannot even begin to describe some of the messages that men will send women who swipe right to them in a lousy attempt to seek validation.

Those Cheesy Lines aren’t working. And No, Sir! Nobody wants to see your mushroom shaped penis. Keep it in your pants.

Men went from being gentlemen to needy dogs who will foam at things that horny teenagers would get aroused by.

And I believe it’s largely our own fault for perpetuation the constant neediness for seeking out women to acknowledge our presence.

Meaningless sex has no place in my world view, nor do I gain any pleasure from it.

Sex used to be about intimacy, appreciating your partner, and finding a connection.

These days it’s, Swipe Right, Fuck, Call her an Uber, Rinse, Repeat.

Gentleman, we need to stop perpetuating the behaviour this will bring nothing but disappointment to us.

Meaningless Sex isn’t your cure for depression.

As a man that takes no moral high-ground in believing that my life does not revolve around sex; instead it develops from finding purpose and doing meaningful work, I find it appalling that men within my own Middle-Eastern culture will view Foreign Women as ‘Sexually Available’, treating them with demeaning behaviour and yet want a ‘Virgin Wife’ when they wish to get married — I find the hypocrisy absolutely disgusting.

One of my own personal encounters with a very close friend of mine; who shared her story of abuse with me and trusted that I’ll understand where she’s coming from when she said she found it hard to trust Pakistani Men — I couldn’t help but agree more.
A man from my country, my heritage, and my religious beliefs tortured and harassed this beautiful soul; going on to impregnate her and then fleeing Australia to return to Pakistan only to be married to a ‘Virgin Morally Pure Wife’.
When I confronted the individual about the harm he did to my friend, and the sheer hypocrisy of it all — he went on to deny any harm-doing; going as far as to threaten my life and calling me out on being a “fucking pussy” referring to my dear friend who he unashamedly abused as “Well..I didn’t make her open her legs for me, did I? She got pregnant, that’s her fault. And don’t you dare mention that shit around here because I’ll end your fucking life.”

I reported him to the police and informed his family. I feel absolutely no shame in what I did. It was right, and it was just.

Learning to be comfortable with yourself and appreciating life without your penis serving as a compass will bring you joy.

Focusing on personal growth and not needing constant meaningless sex will help your soul grow and even help with finding a partner that will bring you more joy than the pursuit of meaningless sex with strangers every friday.

We evolved from being Hunters, Warriors, and Farmers to Needy Dogs chasing cars; it’s desperate and it needs to be realised that it does more harm than good.

We seem to be losing our sense of purpose in a life so surrounded with social media and readily available porn that we’re losing sense with authentic intimacy.

We’re getting to a point in our society where VR-Porn will end up being the defining rules of engagement on what exploring sexuality used to be.

Let’s acknowledge that we can move past all the late night creepy prowling and harvesting a culture of Wake-Up, Hunt, Fuck, Repeat.

Stop watching all those lousy online “pranksters” or “Social Experimenters” that claim “Women love a guy with a Lamborghini”, they’re about as realistic as you being able to afford one.

If we continue to get our sexual ideologies from men who lack enough self-esteem to admit that we’re attempting to fulfil a black-hole within us and we think it meaningless sex can fulfil it — (maybe for one night?)

Nor is the Music industry helping address this issue, rather it’s taking it to the next level of being “horny”.

“Heterosexuality, especially as considered by straight men, is often embarrassing. A recent Twitter meme about “heterosexual culture” calls out the skewed gender dynamics and cultural repression undergirding the whole nuclear experiment. It’s much easier to keep these feelings under wraps, especially if you are an artist in 2018; “angst about my straight male horniness” is the predominant theme of, like, most 21st century art. But Kanye’s thoughts and observations seem to be regressing, not maturing. That isn’t supposed to happen as artists get older. “I Love It” is at least as horny as “XTCY,” Kanye’s single before this one, in which he raps about wanting to have sex with his in-laws, though this is far more musically devolved. It wouldn’t be wholly surprising to watch him go down the same road. Watching one of the 21st century’s most accomplished popular musicians downgrade to this half-assed provocation may be a bummer, but Kanye’s music has always been about being Kanye. If all he wants in life is to get laid, that’s fair enough; he just shouldn’t be surprised as everyone else stops caring.” — Jeremy Gordon.

Mr. Kanye West, enlightening young men on how to pursue sex and women:

[Interlude: Kanye West]
You’re such a fuckin’ ho
When the first time they ask you if you want sparklin’ or still?
Why you tryna act like you was drinkin’ sparklin’ water ‘fore you came out here?
You’re such a fuckin’ h —

[Pre-Verse: Kanye West]
I’m a sick fuck, I like a quick fuck (whoop!)
I’m a sick fuck, I like a quick fuck (whoop!)
I’m a sick fuck, I like a quick fuck (whoop!)
I’m a sick fuck, I like a quick fuck (whoop!)

[Verse 2: Kanye West]
I’m a sick fuck, I like a quick fuck
I like my dick sucked, I’ll buy you a sick truck
I’ll buy you some new tits, I’ll get you that nip-tuck
How you start a family? The condom slipped up
I’m a sick fuck, I’m inappropriate
I like hearin’ stories, I like that ho shit
I wanna hear mo’ shit, I like the ho shit
Send me some mo’ shit, you triflin’ ho bitch (bitch, bitch, bitch)

I’ll help my friend explain the rest.

I’m Currently in the process of using my financial rewards that I’ve been quite lucky and humble to have achieved through my work, in order to organise a Legal and Therapy Support Clinic to help mitigate the ‘taboo’ that surrounds victims of Sexual Assault and create a safe environment through which people who have been victims of Sexual Assault and Abusive Behaviour can gain access to quality Legal Support and Therapy; in a confidential and professional environment. I hope that the mission I’m on can go on to benefit people who lack access to proper resources and are shunned by society to come forward and help bring harmony to the victims and hold the predators who prey on the weak accountable for their actions.
I’m not in the process of accepting any financial help to support my goal as I hope to keep the organisation as apolitical as possible and not be influenced by power and wealth, individuals or groups who might use the organisation as an outlet to promote their own Political Agenda.

This action is solely to support victims and end the rape-culture and sickness of the mind that is breeding our society towards a shameful world-view of the opposite sex.

-Thank you.

I failed to learn the piano, so I decided I’d play the keyboard instead. //All aboard the Crazytrain.

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