Medium made me feel like a “celebrity”.

Getting recognised in public for being a “Writer”.

Writer’s aren’t exactly who we think of when the word “Celebrity” pops to mind, unless you’re J.K. Rowling or Stephen King; chance are very few people know what we look like.

I like being unrecognised, because well…I’m not exactly famous plus I’m not too comfortable with talking to strangers.

Little did I know though, a few seconds of being recognised could just make my day!

I’m at Kinokuniya (my favourite book store, not advertising — but they’re great), I’m browsing through the Autobiography section (I love Autobiographies).

Hmm…this one has a nice cover, hmm this one seems nice, oh maybe I’ll read one from Joan Didion!

Now where do I find Joan Didion, the electronic search device tells me there’s a few in stock, but I can’t seem to find them; I am truly lost.

Oh look there’s an a fellow who works here, maybe I’ll ask them.

“Hi…I’m looking for ‘The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion’

“Oh yeah, sure let me have a look. I’ll take you to it.”

“Oh Thanks, mate…that’s nice of you.”

The walk was maybe a minute or two.

The fella was kind enough to mention, “I like her Netflix documentary, have you seen it?”

“Yeah, I loved it. That’s one of the reasons why I thought I’d read her book. I thought I might write about it.”

“Oh you write? That’s cool. For a magazine or online?”

“Yeah I write on this blogging platform called Medium…not sure if you know it?”

“Oh yeah, I’ve read a few articles on there. What’s your profile?”

“I’ll just show you on my phone, here you go!”

“Dude…I read your article!”

“Oh what? *SERIOUSLY*

“Yeah, it was the Printer article — that was a sick piece, man”

“Oh…umm. Cheers, dude. Thank you. That’s very kind”

“Dude no worries, hey I’ll slap a 10% discount if you want; we got employee benefits.”

“Oh yeah sure, I wouldn’t mind that. Give me a shout when you write, yeah?”

“Sure will, dude. Have a great day.”

Fuck yeah! 10% Discount — that’s heaps for a struggling writer.

Plus it’s the thought that counts.

And for the few minutes that my face lit up with pure joy; to have someone actually recognise me from my writing,

Life is full of coincidences!

The Article in Question, the one that made me feel special for a few moments and earned me a sweet 10% discount on my purchase.

It wouldn’t be fair to go on without Thanking Joe Keohane and Alexandra Sifferlin for helping polish and feature my article, from the initial draft I submitted.

Don’t expect me to share my copy of “The Year of Magical Thinking”, though. I’ll be keeping that one as a trophy.

I failed to learn the piano, so I decided I’d play the keyboard instead. //All aboard the Crazytrain.

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