Making Writing my Addiction.

It feeds my soul and my obsession.

Writing is a gift, to be able to do it as a profession is a luxury.

I urge everybody to write, about anything, no matter how relevant or irrelevant.

For me, writing isn’t just a passion — it’s what keeps me alive.

It’s not an exaggeration when I say that “I truly hate weekends”, Writing is what keeps my blood flowing.

I’ve always had an active brain, a little too active — and when it’s not being used for work, it ends up clogging it up with memories I’d rather not dwell too much on.

Medium, is my saviour from it.

It provides me a platform through which I can write, and hopefully make a career out of it.

I do not know how successful I am — but it feels good to be able to express myself.

No judgement and No repercussions.

I’m not ridiculed for doing what I love.

I write in solitude, I lock myself in, and won’t leave until there’s something of substance; ready to publish.

Writing was and still is the only true friend I’ve had.

An Alter-Ego of Sorts.

It allows me to wear a mask, build a character around it — and let it all out.

I’ve written about subjects here that I’ve never spoken about — and yet now that people that have known me come to read my work, it fills me great joy that they aren’t dismissive.

Writing brought me closer to my family, believe it or not.

I was too afraid, too paranoid, to openly speak about subjects that I thought about on a daily basis.

When others assumed I was off day-dreaming, there were inner-monologues being recorded in my memory.

Recently, for the first time in a while — my entire cohort of Family and Friends sent me messages letting me know, “You’re doing great”.

Whilst my business still takes up most of my time, the true joy is when I can sit in solitude and write.

I observe a lot more.

I don’t go searching for ideas.

I don’t need a therapist to talk to.

Rather, I take the time, discipline, and respect — to convert my thoughts into words.

The feeling, the rush, the euphoria, of when it does resonate with minds-alike, is the greatest joy of all.

Though I’m not chasing the “Claps, they seem to find their way at the right time.

It wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t thank Medium and the Community here for helping this lost soul find a safe-place for his ideas.

The greatest achievement is the day I got featured by Medium.

I was ecstatic — that I was deemed worthy.

It was humbling, and it trumps all other achievements I’ve had in life.

Though my past achievements have been more reflective of a more grandiose effort towards pleasing others.

Writing is personal.

To be rewarded and recognised for it, is the greatest inner-victory I can savour.

And for that I am deeply Grateful.

I failed to learn the piano, so I decided I’d play the keyboard instead. //All aboard the Crazytrain.

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