Love at first heart-attack; my Gym trainer’s love story.

Whilst working out my gym trainer decided to engage in a peculiar conversation today; finding that I’m a man of few words, he felt the need to strike up a conversation about relationships.

As though, I’m some sort of eerie cupid.

My trainer mentioned to me that his wife, I wasn’t aware he was married, works at the gym too and is now expanding her Gym program to better suit women who have busy schedules. I thought it was a wonderful idea, but had nothing of substance to contribute to the conversation; so I resorted to what most low-lives like me do, I asked him how they met — hoping for a quick and easy story to shut him up.

Instead, he went on to describe how his love affair began and how he knew she was the one.

Here goes the story, One day his wife-to-be was working out at the gym he used to train at and noticed her heart beat was incredibly high as he was working out next to her. He paused and took notice, informing her of her terribly racing heart as though it was cutting corners at a Formula1 Race in Monaco.

He took her aside, sat her down and brought to her a glass of water; which she devoured slowly as she took sips of it to slowly calm her rapidly racing heart.

After a few minutes though, the heart beat had ceased to slow down so he began to worry; and questioned as to what really was the cause of this curious case of the rapidly racing heart.

She flirted back with a smile and a look that he knew instantly was one of desire, as she admitted that her beating heart might be due to just how attracted she was to him.

He, of-course, took this quite seriously and lo and behold two weeks later they were married.

I asked, reluctantly, how she knew it was love and not a heart attack that was causing her heart to beat so uncontrollably. To which my humble gym trainer replied, “Well it turns out it could’ve been because I’m seeing a divorce lawyer next week”.

Oh such wonder come about, one never truly knows what the curious heart may be pointing to; maybe it’s love or maybe it’s just a heart attack.

I failed to learn the piano, so I decided I’d play the keyboard instead. //All aboard the Crazytrain.

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