Liquid History.

How much of my History school books can I trust?

In school, we were taught a great deal about the atrocities my ancestors had endured to provide for the life that I had; at the time.

Little did we wonder, I mean who does…at the age? You hardly ever pay attention, but your subconscious mind does.

You’re being taught a narrative, a timeline of events which are fact, for how we came to be at this certain point in time; our only task was to remember enough to pass the exam.

It was a curious mind, one that admittedly leads me down me mental spirals.

I found myself looking through these history books, much older now — to learn exactly what my past had to say about me.

Maybe it was that I’ been watching too much “Who Do you Think You Are?”.

Whatever it was, it was enough to get me to look into my past.

Turns out, everything I’ve been taught since birth is a lie.

A filtered narrative.

My mental conditioning and brainwashing began much earlier than I expected, “am I paranoid?” — or maybe not remembering correctly.

If my memory serves me right, why would anyone “make-up” events which never happened; I mean it’s not just me who believes they did, my siblings do too — we went through the same Educational system.

A war that we didn’t win, A speech that wasn’t meant to inspire people, A narrative controlled; to make us believe something rather different about ourselves…“was it all a conspiracy?”.

This pattern, didn’t just exist at my early schooling — I discovered it’s one that is prevalent even through educational systems to this very day.

Children, innocent minds, are being taught to believe events that never actually happened the way they did — a controlled narrative.

Sounds benign, maybe even the ramblings of a tin-foil wearing conspiracy theorist; hence I kept my findings to myself, in fear of being ridiculed.

Ahh…but we didn’t win that war the way they said we did.
The division of India and Pakistan didn’t go the way I’d been taught.

People I was taught were heroes, weren’t that great as people.

We were taught hatred, before we even learnt what the word meant.

Were they too afraid a few of us might revolt?

That this liquid history would go on to define a different future?

That they could control that way we viewed our surroundings, control our perception, and our reaction?

It felt evil, I felt violated, and it made me question just what else I’ve been lied to about.

“Be wary of the ones who refuse to engage in an argument”, lessons my Godfather had taught me.

“Question things, ask as much as you can — and if you’re told to not worry about it, you know you should”.

Nobody likes a pessimist, nobody likes someone who questions things.

In this false narrative, we’d built a history of our own; one we could control.

A legacy built upon contrived agendas.

Were they too afraid or just didn’t think anybody would ever question the past?

The statues we’d observe, the mausoleums we’d visited…it was all lies.

There was no absolute “good” and there was no absolute “bad”.

We’d been lied to.

Our history, forever lost — not a shred of evidence to be found, don’t ask too many questions — you’re making people nervous.

Maybe they should be?

Out of this controlled narrative, they fed hatred into our hearts.

Made us hate us people we should’ve loved, and polluted innocent minds in this endless pursuit of a future they could control.

Question it, Question everything — Ask.

When nobody gives you the right answer, look to the ones that you were taught were the “enemy”.

Read their books, compare the difference — their books tell a different story.

They too had been led down the same path we had, one of hatred.

One of dismissiveness.

One built upon lies.

One that felt so criminal, I’m glad I was blessed with this curse of curiosity.

Because if we don’t ask questions, we’d live our lives in a false narrative.

A never-ending cycle of ignorance.

One of bigotry, allowing no room for assimilation and diversity.

I failed to learn the piano, so I decided I’d play the keyboard instead. //All aboard the Crazytrain.

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