“Light heart joke”, mate were you watching the same lead up to the fight that the rest of the world was? Even the most professional UFC champions have come against the statements that were made against Khabib. You want to bring History into this, alright then let’s have a conversation about recent history before you try and pretend like you’re a professional historian. Didn’t Conor McGregor instigate this matter when he assaulted the bus with a media crew surrounding him?

Atleast acknowledge the different between “Free Speech” And “The Provocateur Hate Speech”.

Did Conor not throw alcohol in Khabib’s face when he doesn’t drink and is against his religion?

How is that “Light Hearted Joke”, are you kidding me?

I’m guessing you’re from China, if I come to your country and piss on your ancestors; is your country going to say “Hey that’s a light hearted joke”?

Don’t bring your hypocritical nature trying to act like a smart philosopher when you do not understand the basis of UFC regulation and want to make this into a Religious and Cultural debate.

There’s no place for abusing a man’s family, religion, culture, and nature for the sake of “Light Heart Joke”.

Look with in yourself and self-respect, would you stand still if you were berated like Khabib was by Conor’s team throughout the fight promo?

Even after he won, they chanted racist terms at him.

There’s different between being able to criticise and make fun of something for the sake of Comedy and Free-Speech, and I am well and truly behind that.

But UFC is not a medium nor a platform for that behaviour.

I’ll wait for your Response, come up with a decent one this time.

I failed to learn the piano, so I decided I’d play the keyboard instead. //All aboard the Crazytrain.

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