Let’s stop shaming adults for the “age-gap” in relationships.

Age Appropriation where it isn’t due.

Robin Cru’el
5 min readNov 20, 2018


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Ever read a headline, “Gold-digger marries Lottery winner”.

Or how Anna-Nicole Smith was pretty much the talk of the town when she married J. Howard Marshall?

Even the President of France couldn’t escape the wrath of “age-rage” when he married his wife Brigitte Macron.

What’s odd to me is, nobody cares to notice that the age-difference between Mr. and Mrs. Macron (25 years) is nearly the same as Mr. and Mrs. Trump (24 Years); except the genders are reversed.

I’m sure they have a lot to discuss on this matter.

I’m 26, considering my past two relationships didn’t go all too well — my partner being usually the same age as me, respectively during High-School and My first year at University.

I came to a realisation that due to my own inability to communicate with people of my own age, I tend to get along with individuals who tend to be much older than me.

Which is why most of my colleagues are my friends, they’re almost all at least 6–8 years older.

“With age, comes wisdom”,

I’ve dealt with enough people in my life to realise that it’s largely my maturity level that hinders me from being able to make a connection with individuals who haven’t had the same exposure to life as I have; hence I appear too standoffish to my peers.

This is not to say that every one my age isn’t on the same intellectual level (I’m no genius) or that people younger than me couldn’t possibly relate.

It’s the simplicity that I value.

The no b.s. attitude mature people tend to have.

Especially people who have matured well into their 30s. (Excluding manchilds)

Recently, I found myself at a social gathering and met a wonderful woman; we started chatting, I talked about writing, she talked about being a lawyer — we both agreed that “Philadelphia” is a great movie and that “Kramer Vs. Kramer” is a wonderful court-room drama.



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