Leila Johnson, you’re one of the few sincere writers on here who doesn’t chase clickbait. What more is commendable than that is when I read content from writers such as yours, that’s what’s inspiring — it’s a true connection. We can all sense the b.s. miles away when people post crap that is just verbal vomit designed to draw in views and claps. I admire people who have the courage lay their soul bare and write the stuff that creators such as you do. I’m feeling that alot of on my favourite writers feel disheartened that it’s not working, and I wanted to just share that with people — to not give up. Yeah some people get featured, but we should keep each other alive and motivate one another by doing these simple acts of kindness. I don’t know why certain writers just find it impossible to give back. It’s sad and honestly make me dislike their content further when they write clickbaits and don’t give back to others. It’s not just about “Writing”, We have to engage and “Read” too. Most of the popular writers here don’t do that, and it sucks — I’ve lost faith in those people because they were once honest about themselves, and now they’re just sellouts.

Keep doing what you’re doing, friend — you’re a solid writer!

I failed to learn the piano, so I decided I’d play the keyboard instead. //All aboard the Crazytrain.

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