Laughter, the universal language.

Laughter and pretty much not taking myself seriously at all, got me through life and opened wonderful opportunities for me.

HAHAHAHA! LMFAO. Not really though, I mean I’m not not actually rolling on the floor laughing my fucking ass off.

But yeah it was funny.

There are genuine moments in my life where the veil of seriousness slipped off and a laughter was shared amongst a diverse crowd.

Let’s begin back in the day when I was merely a 20-Year old at University in my sophomore year,

My very very serious professor is giving a lecture— I’m trying to sneak out of the lecture and keep looking for an exit.

Any minute now…Professors going to turn to the Whiteboard and I’ll sneak out.

My Professor was obsessed with his Whiteboard, also showing off his beautiful piece of ass to us because well, he worked hard for it — no seriously, he was jacket up in his 50s; everybody thought he was on steroids.

Alright, so here it comes — he’s turning, I can see those butt-cheeks tightening up…and here comes my window of opportunity!

BAM — The door’s shut!

Oh crap…the shame, the horror!

The entire crowd is looking at me, even the Professor has unclenched his butt-checks and turned his attention to me rather than his whiteboard.

Oh what a misery, I’ve been caught red-handed.

My dear jacket-up Professor bursts out laughing,

“It’s a Pull, not a Push…if you paid attention you’d have noticed that.”

“Ahh…nah yeah I think I’ll actually stick around, might learn a thing or two about pushing and pulling.”

Jacket-Up Professor and the Students all burst out laughing…

“Dude, you made Mr. Zombie laugh!”, somebody yells out from the great beyond.

“Oi, don’t dig me into a deeper hole than I’m already in!”, I think to myself.

Lecture wraps up and my jacked-up Professor takes a few minutes to chat to me before…idk he runs off to do more squats?

“You’re an idiot…”, he laughs.

I look down in shame, and say “Yes Sir, Sorry Sir…” — won’t happen again Sir (it will).

“Do you have a job or something?”

“No Sir…my parents pay for university. They don’t want me getting distracted by work. Focus on my studies.”

“So is that why you were sneaking out?”

I didn’t know how to respond to that…I burst out laughing, I’d made a fool out of myself.

“Write down your email address and send me a resume. You need a job.”

A JOB?! I just tried to run out of your lecture, mate!

Why would he want to offer me a job?!

Well apparently, a Job teaches us responsibility — I’d never had one.

My Professor decided he’d take a chance with me and told me he was willing to give me a shot, he recommended me to a company — a serious one; looking for a Research Assistant.

I thanked him for it, but wasn’t sure I’d get the job — I was a nobody with absolutely no experience, and a complete buffoon of a personality.

I thought…why not, I’ll go do this — get it over with and get rejected.

I’d arrive at the office, I’d never been inside such a fancy building.

Here I’m told that I have to wait with the other candidates and make an appearance when my name was ushered to the room where the interviews were being held.

So I wait…look around.

Holy shit, all these people look pretty smart.

“Hey, are you guys applying for this Research gig”

Nobody responds, they all go back to looking down at their sheets of paper — speech rehearsal.

Finally a wonderfully beautiful soul took pity on me and said, “You ought to get prepared as well, they’ll ask you tough questions!”

Ahh fuck I hate tough questions.

Can’t I get the easy ones?

Wait I’m not even trying to get this job, this is perfect!

Finally one by one, people’s names are ushered…I’m the remainder of the last three — when my name is called!

Alrightee here it goes, the humiliation of my life.

The room’s all dark and cold, there’s a lady with a serious face staring me down and two gentleman beside her looking like they’re about to fall asleep.

What is this a Xanax fest?

I am told to be seated…the seat was warm.

Hmm Professor would’ve loved this seat.

“So what made you apply for this job?”

“My Professor did”

“Your professor?”

“Yes at uni, he said I needed a job.”

Dead silence.

I try to break the ice,

“Well so I was fooling around in the lecture and my professor caught me, he said I should meet up with you folks and learn a thing or two about responsibility”

“Yes, the work we do here is taken very seriously…”

“Yes I’m sure…those other candidates seemed pretty serious about it too”

“And you’re not?”

“I am! It’s just that umm…well I’m not exactly sure what I need to be serious about.”

“You know what job you’re applying for?”

“Yeah but I’m not going to pretend to be smart, I’m a sophomore student”

“Would you have any idea of the responsibilities and the skills that are expected of you”

“I was hoping you guys would teach me that…”

Finally one of the sleepy gentleman awakes from his comatose like state, and giggles.

“Well…he’s not wrong.”

Ahh finally my type of guy!

Finally they all start giggling, they know this isn’t going to go anywhere — so let’s just all take a breath and stop pretending to be serious.

They start chatting to me, I start chatting to them.

We talk about the decor, I tell them how cool their office is.

They tell me, I’m an idiot (not directly).

The very serious lady interviewing me, had decided it was okay to laugh too — so she too joined into our conversation.

“So I’m not getting this job, right? Haha”

“You’re not…no. The other candidates are more qualified…”

“Ahh well that’s fine. Good for them. Which one will you give it to?”

“We’ll decide on that….who do you think we should give it to?”

“Well there was this girl, she gave me a few pointers on how to nail this interview. She seemed like a good sport, the others just ignored me. So I’d root for her!”

“Why her?”

“She was trying to help me, when no one else was. That’s a great quality.”

This answer, they did like.

Apparently I wasn’t as stupid as I thought, just naïve and careless.

The lady who was interviewing me, gave me a genuine look of sympathy and her eyes softened up — so did the other two sleepy gentleman.

“Would you like an internship, here?”

It was in this moment, I wasn’t trying to pretend and neither were they.

I wasn’t trying to sound smart, and they weren’t trying to test me.

It was a genuine voice of compassion.

And I wasn’t joking anymore when I said,

“Yeah I would. Just coming to this office building would be reward enough.”

“Alright then, Nabeel. Come back tomorrow at 10 A.M. and email me your class schedule, we’ll work out something for you to do here.”, the lady said with a smile.

The internship got me a permanent job, I worked there till I graduated — and through laughter and not taking myself too seriously, we all got along just fine.

The very serious lady became my mentor, taught me a great deal about responsibility and hard-work.

We still do keep in touch to this very day, and I share my favourite comedy bits with them.

As my parting gift, I’d told them how comedy had saved me — as a lonely child, comedy was my only outlet for survival.

My Heroes,


Robin Williams (More Fart Jokes),

A Bit of Fry and Laurie,

And well just genuine moments when people in power broke character,

And thus my mantra for life had paid off, Laughter was and always will be — the universal language of bringing people together.

Thank you for reading! :)

I failed to learn the piano, so I decided I’d play the keyboard instead. //All aboard the Crazytrain.

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