Jim Jefferies — How a Comedian used the Left to hide his predatory behaviour.

Robin Cru’el
4 min readJun 23, 2021

— Being Woke is now a Jail-Free Card.

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In a Podcast with comedian Jay Mohr, now scrubbed from the Internet, Jim Jefferies boasts about how he took advantage of actress Georgina Baillie (17 years old, at the time) whilst she was under the influence of Ecstasy (MDMA).

“I f-cked her at the end of a festival when she was performing in a play with her grandfather. Back then, she was 17 years old,” Jefferies is quick to point out that since this incident occurred in the United Kingdom, where the age of consent is 16, he was “alright to talk about it”.

“I did ply her full of ecstasy,” Jefferies brags whilst noting that he just gave her the drugs to do voluntarily.

What’s disturbing is the confidence with which Jefferies brags about the incident and professes that he shared the story with his Comedy pals about how he had allegedly engaged in sexual activity with an underage girl, whilst she was under the influence of drugs he provided.

Unfortunately, this is nothing new for Jim Jefferies. Since the Australian comedian’s move to the United States, he has gone on to reinvent himself as a woke comedian of the left.

Going on to discuss subjects such as Gun Control and Abortion, and whilst he has every right to pass his uneducated comedic takes; what is seemingly glaring is that his past comedy was very much tailored for an audience he now claims to mock.

In the course of research, Jefferies’ misdemeanours; though they may be swept under the rug — seem to resurface.

How had Jim Jefferies managed to avoid facing judgement for his actions?

In recent times, comedians such as Chris D’Elia and Louis C.K. (…and Bryan Callen and Jeff Ross allegedly) have had to face the harsh realities of what is and isn’t appropriate — furthermore, where the line is to be drawn from a Comedic Persona to Real Life.

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