“It was only business”,

McGregor Jumps in and Nurmagomedov Jumps out.

Let’s not forget that time McGregor jumped the cage at Bellator and attacked referee Marc Goddard.

Let’s not forget that time Nurmagomedov jumped out of the Octagon and attacked Dillon Dannis.

Let’s also not forget the hypocrisy of Dana White, who perpetually instigated McGregor’s behaviour.

Let’s not forget that soon this will all be looked at as saving McGregor’s dying legacy.

McGregor was beat, he was a shadow of the fighter he once used to be at UFC-229.

We can chalk it up to his Two-Year hiatus from the sport, despite his coach John Kavanagh admitting on the Joe Rogan podcast of how during sparring sessions none of the trainers could match Khabib’s technical abilities.

Yet weeks later, we’re still talking about it.

It’s still making headlines.

McGregor and Nurmagomedov are the new hot topic of the UFC and Sports News.

Let’s not forget Ronda Rousey, and how quickly UFC discarded her after the Rousey hype was shattered after the Holly Holm fight.

Whilst Rousey took to WWE, and discussed her mental health after the loss on Ellen.

McGregor still seems to be living in denial.

Here’s where the UFC is failing to acknowledge the sport for what it is and has always been; a sport of savages.

MMA has, and always will be — the brutal outlet for violence and the fans who adore the bloodshed.

It’s the only sport where one can legally strangle another until the opponent “Taps out”.

Which, McGregor is a master of.

Tap Tap Tap!

It’s no doubt in my mind that the Bus Incident was a set up,

Things to consider:

  • The Timing — McGregor’s Team knew exactly when to arrive and how to navigate to Khabib’s Bus in the docking area.
  • Khabib was explicitly informed to not travel with more than two members from his team, which he normally does.
  • The Barclays Center is not an easy stadium to navigate, let alone reach the exact timing of when the Bus was to depart.
  • The HD multi-camera crew awaiting and following McGregor’s hoard of goons.
  • The UFC Media Coordinator present on site, responding to Barclays security that it’s part of the “Press”.
  • The fact that McGregor and his goons were seen being “guided” through to Khabib’s location.

After all is said and done, McGregor hopes for a rematch by hyping his disillusioned views of how “Khabib definitely just got lucky”, by downplaying Khabib’s striking abilities and making himself look like the winner.

Much like the Nate Diaz fight and the rematch that followed, Diaz was stripped of his fight — maybe in hopes that he might actually demolish McGregor.

Though the fight never happened and Nurmagomedov was announced as the replacement contender; McGregor got what he was looking for — a marvellous beat down.

Cut the crap UFC, and admit that this is all what was it was built up to be.

McGregor is now more relevant as a result of Nurmagomedov’s post fight brawl than he would’ve been had Khabib contained himself.

It made McGregor relevant again.

I’ll stand by that statement.

— and if McGregor truly wants a rematch, he shouldn’t be served one just so he pleases because he’s a cash-cow superstar for the UFC.

Tony Ferguson deserves and has earned his match with Khabib Nurmagomedov, with every right; so let’s cut the crap and give the fans the fight that both the UFC and its contenders deserve.

As for McGregor, he’s better off spinning his whiskey brand rather than returning to the UFC demanding a rematch he does not deserve.

I failed to learn the piano, so I decided I’d play the keyboard instead. //All aboard the Crazytrain.

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