I’m scared to stand too close to railways,

Dear Mr. Horror,
When It gets dark,
My mind wanders,

If you could see,
The future, I wonder,

If it would be worth,
To live another day,
If it could change us,

You smiled in simple colours,
Left us with blisters,
Wrapped in comfort,

Reminding us,
It wasn’t the end,
Nor the beginning,

Clues of,
How it ends,

You said life,
It was a journey,

No plans,
Without navigations,

Just levelled fields,
Covered in dust,

An End,
To uncertain beginnings,

Keep your light on,
Through the tunnels,

In search of,
Misguided deserters,

Lurking deep within,
The cowardly skies,

Of wishful thinking,
I wonder,

If it was just,
A memorable time,

Passing us by,
As we hitched another ride,

Hey man, drop us off,
At the next red light,

Ignore the stop signs,
Race past the intersections,

If it intertwines,
Let it keep us,

If our sins could be forgiven,
Could we look past the repenters,

If it was just another day,
Dark room of hollow spectrums,

A grayscale painting,
And raindrops without the thunder,

Mr. Horror, I said,
Tell me stories of how it ends,

You smiled yet again,
Where’s the fun in that, he said,

I looked past the clouds,
Let the atmosphere as it shook us,

The world didn’t feel,
As cold anymore,

For life, you said,
Is a passage of mystery,

For some it’s dreary,
Full of misery,

And when I said I’m too scared,
To stand too close to the railways,

Out of fear,
Lurking in the shadows,

You’d be there,
To drag us back,

Pulled into life,
Once more,

Hitch another ride,
Don’t wander off the road,

Don’t give up,
Just move along,

Let it pass,
As the trains, raced along,

Look to the passengers,
See how they witnessed,

Reminiscent expressionless faces,
They too seem lost, Mr. Horror,

Sorrow is a shared regret,
And there’s comfort in intent,

Don’t suffer for now,
Accept it,

Look past this,
Ageless content,

Don’t bury yourself,
Beneath the failures,

Mr. Horror, he said,
I know all too well,

Without suffering,
What it means to be human,

Without purpose,
We’re all mannequins,

Don’t hide,
Embrace the pain,

Don’t let it define you,
For it limits embrace,

Take a few steps back,
And bare witness,

The amazement with which,
Pain is inflicted,

Hope that someday,
It will be worth it,

Until that day,
Don’t stand too close to runways.

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