I understand that your experience is based on your close encounters with the late-night crowd; which is essentially an assessment of people that pursue one another on a Night-Out, where most intentions might be to pursue one another. I’m writing my perspective from a stand-point of how pornography plays a major part in polluting the minds of young men and how they view ‘sex’. Based on my personal experience, since giving up pornography and pursuing a life of celibacy; I’ve found my experiences with the opposite sex to be more profound. Whilst, there is a culture of men chasing women and seeking the approval of one another; I find that it is still a culture that stems from viewing women as sexual objects. Introduction of drugs and alcohol abuse in the party scene plays a part in escalating the view — maybe even leading women suffering from self-esteem issues to portray such behaviour for seeking approval. Men can do the same, and prey upon the vulnerability. I find that from my experience, men that I have spoken to seem to view women in terms of their sexual availability; and if rebuffed tend to badmouth women for taking a stand. I’m not denying that your experiences are wrong, I’m simply stating it’s a very small percentage of the root cause. Thinking of how women are viewed in the work place, of some of the cases I’ve studied in corporate culture; even going as far as to interview some successful business men on their views on women — I’ve found there’s a culture of men trying to justify their actions by simply stating “Well I don’t do it..she will”, when spoken to about cheating. Success is something that people are attracted to, and women that I’ve spoken to do admit to that — a man who has his goals figured out is a much more likeable partner. The youth may see this differently because it is the age where the sexual hormones tend to be more active, certainly music and movies escalate that as well. Furthermore, I found that men’s view of sex is largely based on what they view in pornography whilst women state that is hardly ever the case. Even porn-stars themselves admit that their performances are hardly ever an enjoyable experience — it takes hours to film and most women in the industry suffer from very serious mental health issues as a result. If a young-man is growing up in a world where pornography is so easily accessible, that shapes their world-view of how they view women. All I state in my article was that giving up pornography helped give me a sense of clarity, as I stated very clearly it’s personal journey; one that I appreciate I pursued but as such I do not preach to the crowd to follow in my footsteps — as it is simply a choice that I made and as such state my personal experiences as a result, which have been nothing but positive. Thank you for taking the time to express your opinion, Kind Regards. :)

I failed to learn the piano, so I decided I’d play the keyboard instead. //All aboard the Crazytrain.

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