I assume your sense of reality is limited, in the same respect that you may disregard my opinion entirely. I am not someone who takes pride in holding on to one side, I do however take notice of when someone limits their identity to the a coincidental pigment which determines the colour of their skin. I know nothing of your personal experience, nor can I imagine I’ll ever understand. Which is why I did not bother to do as such when I wrote the article, and when I responded to your opinion upon having read it. I do not hold the opinion that, however agreeable or detestable it may be, one should ever leave their bias at the door. We are humans, we are biased; inherently. I do, however, believe in a concept called “Learned Helplessness”; of how one can limit themselves by creating barriers. You’re entitled to identify with whatever brings you comfort, and I am entitled to express my opinion on it; as much it is your right to be comfortable with the identity you choose. However, life isn’t so; and one would be doing themselves a great disservice by refusing to accept that an opposing argument can very-well co-exist.

You said, you identify yourself as a “Black Woman”; when I would argue that I’d view you as a “human being”. Nothing more and nothing less, at first glance. The rest would only ever be determined of your worth, and what you make of it.

I refuse to have a pigment determine my identity, and as such; as I refuse to deem it viable to justify one’s own experience to inflict prejudice upon another.

Kind Regards.

I failed to learn the piano, so I decided I’d play the keyboard instead. //All aboard the Crazytrain.

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