I appreciate you writing this, for a time the hatred that Rebel Media spread got so bad that it nearly withdrew me from public because it made me feel ashamed for even being ‘brown’. I’m not overtly religious, but I am muslim. I’ve never incited violence, nor do I believe in the death penalty. I do recognise there are people who have made lives within the western culture quite difficult due to the failure to assimilate in a heated culture of immigration. I live in Australia, and around the time Lauren did her coverage here of no-go zones; we truly felt embarrassed of ourself, it made us feel like garbage for just being brown. That’s what they painted us as, savages and nothing more. I realise people of Islamic beliefs have done some outrageous things, but I guess it’s difficult to make the argument that not all of us feel that way when someone says to me “Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims”.

Genuinely considered suicide a few times because it felt like society would never view us as human’s anymore after that.

Here’s hoping that someday this hatred will stop and we will learn that we’re not so very different, just misunderstood.

Thank you for the article.

Kind Regards,
Nabeel Tahir.

I failed to learn the piano, so I decided I’d play the keyboard instead. //All aboard the Crazytrain.

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