How to write with a broken elbow.

Photo by Filip Mroz on Unsplash

These wonderful creatures work for free and are more than happy to contribute their valuable time to help you reach your daily goals, in return for a measly “Letter of Reference” — cons, they tend to be gossipy (don’t narrate anything too personal).

This delightful Artificially Intelligent voice of reason lives right in your pocket, best part — she’s not judgemental and when she gives you attitude, you can easily switch her accent to a more suitable one; For example British English or Australian English, she’s bilingual!
If you need it to show you an extra layer of judgement, switch it to male!

Ever wondered how amputees feel? Now’s your time to find out. Venture into a world of Daniel Day Lewis level of method acting from “My Left Foot,” by using whatever body part you see fit to type it out on yore efignf keybfbsjaeyfjea.

We all love the sound of our own voice, take coaching lessons from Tom Waits and mumble your way through recording a piece of artistic history; when asked where you got the inspiration from to create such astounding work, simply look to the floor and deflect all sources of light.

We all know mum’s will do anything for their children, doesn’t even have to be your own mum! Guess what, all mums love helping people — especially when you’ve got that broken elbow to garner some extra votes of pity and sympathy. Make them feel sorry and come up with a decent sob story for if you don’t get your writing done, it won’t just be your elbow that’s broken.

Copy paste! Remember, CTRL C & CTRL V are your most reliable friends.
Let’s test it out now,
“How to fake a broken elbow?”,

Works like a charm!

I failed to learn the piano, so I decided I’d play the keyboard instead. //All aboard the Crazytrain.

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