Hello Sir,
Thank you for commenting.
Appreciate you sharing your wisdom, I was just a young kid back then and fresh out college; you think you understand how the world works and then the reality is far from it.
I had an image of what the company would be like, and trust me when I say; that was a dream workplace for me.
Eventually, the appeal runs out and the office just doesn’t seem all that fancy anymore, you get to a point that you realise — “Hey man, what the hell even am I worth if I’m just sitting here collecting pay-checks? Surely I could do something much more productive with my life…”. To some people that may even sound ungrateful, considering how many of my friends were unemployed at the time and here I was whining about how I hated my job.
Unfortunately, in the modern world; especially if one works for a public company (for those who don’t know, companies whose stocks trade on the market), appearances matter more than the actual work.
I can’t held but agree, they just wanted a few fresh looking kids with PhD’s to claim that innovation truly happened; but it never did, it was just a ploy to prop up investors.
I don’t judge people who decided to play along, they had families and a lifestyle to support; I was lucky, that I had saved enough to be able to walk away and really think about what I would do with my life if I quit the job.
So far, I guess I’m doing alright.
Cheers for the comment, and thank you dearly for reading through.
Kind Regards,

I failed to learn the piano, so I decided I’d play the keyboard instead. //All aboard the Crazytrain.

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