Hello Lindz,
Thank you for your comment.
The Irish Government maintains the anonymity so as to avoid unnecessary misreporting whilst the investigation is ongoing, hence the media is prohibited from naming individuals without confirmation.
To the best of my knowledge, this is done largely because Dublin is a tight-knit community and a false allegation might have repercussions on the accused and disturbance for the victim.
In regards to this particular article, I am currently still researching the story and continue to update it as more details become available. Which is why its necessary to point out that at this point the information is circumstantial and hence no facts have yet been confirmed by local authorities.
People within the Dublin community have commented on the Reddit post and their local WhatsApp group, highlighting that the information might be revealed in the following week; let’s hope the matter is resolved and justice is carried forward with respect to the victim of the assault.
Thus far, unfortunately this is all that I can confirm; local sources seem to be circulating the same story as well — and as such has remained confined to Ireland, until further information is revealed.
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