Grigori Rasputin files lawsuit against Charles Manson for ripping off his act.

“Hey man, using my hypnotic eyes and sexual gibberish is not cool”, The Mad Monk proclaimed.

Grigori Rasputin, regular womaniser and mad monk, has filed a flaming lawsuit against Charles Manson. Claiming that using his beautiful hypnotic eyes to seduce women and later on the Russian Tsar was his whole act and that he copyrighted it back in the day to protect his secrets which he furthermore goes on to claim Charles Manson overly exaggerated for his own evil benefits.

“I’m all for the playful antics and sexual debauchery. But I do not condone murder. The fucker went onto not only copying my look but even went on to write songs about it. I think it’s a blatant cut and dry, open and shut case of Misappropriate Act stealing. As far as I know, it’s worse than Amy Schumer’s Netflix special, which I personally believe wasn’t even that bad. Now this rubbish criminal comes along and talks in complete gibberish claiming that he’s some sort of criminal mastermind and genius.
Quick reminder, buddy! This whole act was mastered by me to begin with”, said the Mad Monk RA RA Rasputin.

He further went to brag about his penis size and how it’s safely stored in a jar today in a museum for the world to see, as his reputation as an exhibitionist precedes him.

In response Charles Manson had the following to say to The Mad Monk.

“Chippidy Chip Chap, Clipidy Clip clap, Flat sap, Cat nat, Nick nack, Saddy wack, laddy pack, potty flack, sad jack — move the fuck on and let me enjoy my ride homie!”

We wish to inform resident to wear reflective sunglasses to protect against being hypnotised by the two most wonderfully majestic eyes we’ve ever encountered.

I failed to learn the piano, so I decided I’d play the keyboard instead. //All aboard the Crazytrain.

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