At some point in your life; you may find yourself at a place, whether it’s a workplace or a hypothetical existing within yourself, concerned whether the decisions you’re making are the ‘right’ ones. I too struggled with this lately and found a way out. Following is a letter of Resignation I wrote a place where my employers would rather have me sit at my desk quietly, unconcerned, and go along with the way things were rather than challenge and question. I resigned because my work is more important to me than money. Not many people are able to make that decision quite so simply. I hope, this helps someone out there in the ether as a glimmer of hope of what they hold most dear to themselves; their values.

To Whom it may concern,

Each of us individuals born into this world serve a purpose; purpose which we either discover later in life or are lead into it.
But a moral code is such that a person must hold dear within themselves to define their own sense of purpose for existence.

This code; regardless of religion or political affiliation, is a code we must carry as a badge that can never be dented, must not be allowed to dented, and be used with a sense of purpose when faced with turmoil.

My modus operandi is that I must never allow influential people or money to affect my sense of purpose. My purpose is that which is the protection of my moral code.

To uphold honour in society and protect those that must rightfully be protected. At University, our motto was ‘Manu et Mente’, meaning ‘With Hand and Mind’, when I was inducted into the Research Department they defined what it meant and the moralities that we were to uphold. We were instructed to never bend to another’s will if they are in the wrong, and we must always acknowledge that knowledge is unlimited and as such we must realise and correct ourselves if ever we find ourselves in a position that we are in the wrong.

This code is what defines my sense of purpose and I cannot allow it to be challenged.

People always tell me I’m too ‘Inquisitive’, ‘I must do my job, as I’m told’, ‘I mustn’t poke my nose into things that do not concern me’, ‘I must keep my head down if I want to survive’.

These are all words used by people use as a protocol of intimidation when they are incompetent in their abilities to uphold their duties. They will convince you, you’re in the wrong and whatever they do is correct.

But ‘Manu et Mente’, meant to be that I must know for-sure; without a shred of a doubt that I am in the right before accusing someone of incompetence. As such, when I was confronted in situations that challenged my code; I would at first defend and explain my position. If that did not work, I would offer them an opportunity to cooperate. My final position would be that I explain myself in a coherent manner and simply walk away with my head held high that I did the right thing.

Most people never have this opportunity; because they’re obligated. Money is a strong influencer, it allows powerful people to bend the weak to their will. Knowing that I have financial security and no obligation to another. In that respect, I consider myself quite fortunate that I can be free to make the decisions I wish without any repercussions upon those I care about.

What’s most important to me is my work ethic, and that the duty which has been bestowed upon me is carried out with the utmost responsibility.
When my work is considered, ‘irrelevant’, ‘impractical’, ’misinformed’, and ‘inquisitive’; I feel compelled to ask for an explanation. If I fail to receive a logical explanation; I conceive that it the explanations given to me are untrue.

I could very easily keep my head down, not challenge my superiors, and continue to receive a paycheck. But then what separates me from them? How am I to protect my moral code if I can be so easily bent by keeping my head down. What is a salary worth to me if I can be so easily bent.

As such; on several occasions, when these events occur — I prefer to walk away. Because I know that the faith that I have in my skills, knowledge, and abilities, will allow me to become a better person in this world; without besmirching my moral code.

I must stand for what is right, and I must stand beside my work. I must always uphold the honesty and integrity of the work that I perform.

Rightfully so — whilst the world around me may disagree, I can rest knowing that I am doing the right thing. That I never allowed myself to become a puppet of the incompetent ventriloquists.

  • Nabeel Tahir.

I failed to learn the piano, so I decided I’d play the keyboard instead. //All aboard the Crazytrain.

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