Final words spoken by Sen. John McCain reveal the greatest Government Conspiracy.

Sen. John McCain in his final moments felt that the weight of all the government secrets he held throughout his life as a humble politician and war-hero had finally become unbearable…

“USA flag” by Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash

Leaving much to the imagination for Researchers and Journalists; the people are still trying to decipher what the meaning of his last words truly reveals about the greatest Government conspiracy.

“RoseBud”, revealed source close to Sen. John McCain, “Those were the words he spoke as he took his last gasp of fresh air. Obviously conspiracy theorist will jump to conclusions but we can assure you we have the best people trying to decipher what Sen. McCain might have revealed.”

Chief Analyst and Occasional Pokemon Go aficionado, Mr. Corey Gooeybits, says that the word “Rosebud” is in fact a confession that the moon landing was definitely faked; whilst critics claim this is just a lousy trick by the greedy Hollywood people to capitalise on Sen. McCain’s legacy to promote Ryan Goslings upcoming Film “First Man”.

Whilst famous fiction Author and Literary Genius J.K.Rowling has spoken out publicly against the “cruel” and “ludicrous” claims by the journalists that “RoseBud” is in fact Sen. John McCain’s confession that Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was not fiction but rather an autobiography.

U.F.O enthusiast and Comedy Legend Dan Aykroyd, has also contributed his 2-cents to the matter and has claimed that “RoseBud”, is in fact confirmation that the government has secretly been harvesting aliens to manipulate Stock-Markets across the world for ages.

Whilst no report can truly confirm the meaning of Sen. John McCain’s final words; it should come as no surprise that this could be the mother-load of all conspiracies and should be noted that it would make “Watergate look like regular home invasion in comparison”, said Dr. Woodcock Blueface.

I failed to learn the piano, so I decided I’d play the keyboard instead. //All aboard the Crazytrain.

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