Are Independent Writers no longer welcome at Medium?

When I first joined Medium, back in 2017 — it was a glimmer of hope.

A perfect place that fit my ideology of becoming an independent writer.

“man in dress shirt sitting in front of table” by on

Whilst, I am grateful and humble for the opportunities Medium has allowed me thus far; I find that the platform has changed.

Understandably so, Medium must look to other methods of monetising their business; after all IT IS A BUSINESS.

For me, Medium represented a place, a hub, a meeting place to read, writer, and engage with other likeminded individuals.

Recently, I guess the spectrum shifted and there wasn’t a place for Independent Writers anymore.

I hoped that Medium would be what I’d longer for, a place for individual content creators to be able to make a living; maybe I was delusional.

The reality has set in and I must come to terms with Medium’s new policies.

My Feed is now filled with Locked posts by brands that have their own quite successful publishing platforms.

Wired, Inc. Magazine, to name a couple.

Famous Writers have joined Medium as well, and their posts exist behind the paywall of Medium Partner’s Program.

Within less than a month of joining, these individuals seem to be getting more attention than the independent writer who were devoted to Medium well-before celebrities joined the club.

I guess, my only question would be this; Why do established platforms need Medium to monetise further on their already successful websites?

Are we just pawns now, hoping that maybe One out of other Thousands may make the front-page?

Or should we jump the bandwagon of articles that generate the most hype?



Donald Trump.

Brett Kavanaugh.


10 Easy Steps to Success.

Are we to be the Logan Paul of Medium?

Create Shock-Value and get pumped up through views and claps?

Medium, I still believe in this platform — it gave me a place to publish my work and be rewarded for it financially.

I took it upon myself to fully devote myself to writing and pursue it full-time.

With the paradigm shifting beneath our feet, I guess us independent writers might as well fall through the cracks.

Give us something to believe in, a glimmer of hope.

I understand and respect Medium’s decision to be more ‘Mainstream’, and whilst it’s great to see promote his “Writer’s Room” collaboration with Medium.

What confuses me is why the change of policy for some and not for others?

We’re told not to “Call for Action, and honestly I’m happy not to.

I don’t ask for donations or promote my Patreon page.

I rely on Medium, and it still is my favourite place to post.

It gave me some of my greatest opportunities.

But with this shift in strategy, I’m wondering — much like the rest of us, if Independent Writer’s still belong here?

I failed to learn the piano, so I decided I’d play the keyboard instead. //All aboard the Crazytrain.

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