Dear Marco,

Firstly, let me thank you for your comment.

It’s difficult to admit, especially since life has been made so much easier for us to find a reason to blame for our circumstances. Whilst I’ve never denied in my life that prejudice does not exist, I always hope to raise awareness that it’s not always “everybody’s fault”.

The only way I can say that is because I’ve been through it, and I’ve been that person. One full of rage, one filled with anger of why I keep getting rejected, the trap of believing “It must be my race or my religion”; instead of finally looking at myself with a clear-view and understanding that life wasn’t meant to hand things out to me just because I associate with a minority.

It was the realisation that I could be better, I could rise above the level of believing “everybody is against me”, when in fact the system was designed to help me.

If anything, the most troubling thing for people to understand is that at times our choices, require change.

I once had a job interview, this was when I was 22 years old (I’m 26 now) — I walked in with a leather jacket on and a ripped t-shirt underneath, because it was the “Startup-Culture” so I figured; I doubt they’d care.

My Godfather said to me, “You’re going to a job interview, looking like THAT?” and I took offence to it; blaming him for being too “traditional”. He sat me down and said, “It’s not your choice of clothing. But how do you expect the world to take you seriously when you walk around life acting like you don’t even care for yourself.”

He simply selected a plain shirt for me, and said “Wear that, don’t try to be the other t-shirt types. Treat yourself with respect.”

God rest his soul, that advice took me a long way. “Treat yourself with respect, before you demand others do” — it’s just that simple.

Good luck to you, my friend.

Wish you all the best on your endeavours,
Warm Regards,
Nabeel (The Asshole Professor).

I failed to learn the piano, so I decided I’d play the keyboard instead. //All aboard the Crazytrain.

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