Dear Julie,

What more can I say, a truly insightful response. I’m floored and amazed. You’re absolutely right about personal experience; like you said you’ve observed the racial inequality in America due to your understanding and experience in that particular culture, whilst I’ve never visited nor lived in America — it’s only what I know and read, and hear from my friends who do live there.

There is also the matter of “trust, if one has been oppressed by another and betrayed; it’s often difficult to regain trust and as such everybody appears to inhibit the same qualities because of racial conditioning.

Again, speaking from experience — a friend of mine who now proudly serves as a Law Enforcement Officer in America, whom I met when he was on exchange in Australia; we formed a deep friendship and I learnt alot about Americans and how our perception of them as being “loud” and “arrogant” is not always true.

He recently mentioned how many times someone will call him a “skinhead” or “racist” because he’s pulled someone over for a traffic violation; which he says he’s able to manage and doesn’t seem to mind because people lack trust in law enforcement due to the image media has portrayed.

What I’ve learnt is, and obviously much thanks to you in that regards is that it’s not all that simple because there’s deeper underlying problems that on the surface people who have no experienced it have difficulty understanding.

Hence why I wrote my version of what I perceived, and hoped to shed some light that not all us (brown folks) view individuals from the western society as such. :)

Thank you so much, it’s been lovely having this conversation.

Warm Regards and Much love,

I failed to learn the piano, so I decided I’d play the keyboard instead. //All aboard the Crazytrain.

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