Dear Glenn,

What an insightful and wonderful response, it’s been a pleasure interacting with you.
Firstly, let just start off by wishing you and your family all the love in the world.
Filipinos are some of the most multicultural people, I myself had a great group of friends in Sydney who were biracial; and there was a running joke within our group of friends that biracial people are some of the beautiful on the planet.
In my experience in Sydney, I had exposure to some wonderful students from American; and I can proudly say all of them were top notch.
In Australia, it’s often a cultural shock to outsiders to just how open people are — it’s often said that if your group of friends aren’t constantly roasting you, then you’re not really friends. This brash sense of humour and what would often appear borderline “racist” to the outsider is what built a bond amongst us that still remains true to this day. I remember we used to joke about one another and developed thick skin as a result, it was through humour and being able to put our egos aside that we bonded. I had the pleasure of introducing one of my best friends from Sydney to an American student on exchange from Illinois and they’re soon to be married; I met her family for the first time and we talked at great length about America quite frankly, needless to say we were all surprised just how disillusioned we all can be. They were surprised to find women in Pakistan dress in western clothing and that I used to be in a (failed) heavy metal band. I was surprised to find that they weren’t loud (as we often assume Americans to be). In fact the father of my friend admitted he too grew up in a conservative family and eventually through being open he was able to evolve his opinion.
At the end we all just had a great time, chatting about random things and sharing stories whilst roasting one another.
It was truly the most wonderful and cherished memory I have, and I have nothing but great experiences to share from my time at university — it was a time when we could all just let our guards down and not judge one another, instead just focus on having the time of our lives and coming up with a much more profound understanding of one another’s culture.
My friends from Sydney often visit Lahore (in Pakistan), and they’re surprised by just how crazy our parties tend to get — which is to say alot considering some of the parties we had in Sydney; we’re all grown up now and I guess we’re past the partying stage and take pleasure in travelling together.
I’m glad we’re all able to do that and as such the experience will always remain with me in helping me grow as a human being.
It’s certainly been a pleasure chatting to you, Sir.
I wish you all the best in the future and much love to you and your family.
Kind Regards,

P.S. I just read in your description, you served in the Navy. I wanted to Salute you for your service. My friend serves as a police officer in the States and he’s taught me a great deal about respecting Law-Enforcement officials. Thank you for your devotion.

I failed to learn the piano, so I decided I’d play the keyboard instead. //All aboard the Crazytrain.

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