Dear Gena,

Thank you for taking the time to respond. I understand identity guilt all too well, imagine how it feels someone who shares my skin colour does something truly horrible; yet it becomes more difficult to argue “We’re not all like that”.

This culture of “White-Shaming” which developed as a byproduct of promoting diversity, somehow made it seem like it was “okay” to say whatever people choose about Individuals who have white skin colour.

As Julie Lynne brought to my attention, the very fabric of trust has been torn and hence its cultivated a culture of being defensive.

I truly do believe hate only begets hate, just because someone who was white in their skin colour said a derogatory term doesn’t make it okay for us to retaliate with the same attitude and not hold anyone accountable.

Maybe not the best example, but look to how Roseanne Barr was instantly dismissed because of a tweet — but nobody looked to point out the hate that was spewed towards her post-firing. She said something offensive, that didn’t give people the right to respond with hate towards white people.

Words that get used in everyday vernacular to describe “white people”, would cause an uproar is used against any other skin colour — because somehow society decided “it’s not possible to be racist against white people”.

I keep arguing it is, shaming of any kind — is racism.

Unfortunately this culture spreads like cancer, and we think it’s okay — it’s not.

There was a scene in Malcolm X (the film), where a white student approached Malcolm to inquire how she could help the cause of the Civil Rights Movement; and he dismisses her by saying “Nothing”.

It’s that sort of negligence and dismissiveness that just cultivates more hate, the argument of “we don’t need you” — yet we hope you don’t mind when we hurl derogatory terms at you.

Thank you for writing.

Kind Regards,

I failed to learn the piano, so I decided I’d play the keyboard instead. //All aboard the Crazytrain.

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