Dear fellow Narcoleptics,

Self-Driving cars aren’t our saviours.

At a Mental Health conference today, I heard a Corporate Representative unashamedly attempt to market ‘Self-Driving vehicles’ as a ‘perfect model for individuals with mental health disorders, such as Narcolepsy. Furthermore, a solution to disabled individuals’ — what a crock of utter shit.

Warning: Rant allert.

Dear Corporate Fuck-Stick,

I understand the tendency you may have to market self-driving cars and their appropriate use for society.
Whilst I understand the urge to innovate and seek every opportunity to market the ‘future of transportation’, please attempt to understand mental-health disorders and disability before you jump on a stage to argue how Self-Driving cars are a solution to one of the many problems you’re attempting to solve.

Let me start by informing you how my personal experience with Narcolepsy works, I don’t usually have an alarm going off in my head prior to an attack, letting me know I’m about to take a surprise nap. Unless your ‘Self-Driving Car’s AI Programming’ can predict I’m about to take a nap mid-drive; maybe I’d consider buying one. Until then, do not get up on a stage at a Mental-Health conference to talk about the many uses of adapting to ‘Self-Driving Vehicles’.

Furthermore, if you are to market a product — even a low-life dip-shit such as yourself should have the decency to, at the very least, research what crowd you’re supposedly preaching to. I’ll admit, whilst I may personally have the luxury to consider purchasing one of your vehicles — it still remains a ‘Luxury’. Unless you can consider insurance providers that ‘Self-Driving Vehicles’ are a viable solution to people with disabilities, I’d consider marketing to a crowd that may actually be able to afford one.

The demographic of the crowd you were ‘advertising’ your product to, consisted of many elderly individuals who require necessary medical assistance to even attend a toilet; let alone be escorted to a ‘Self-Driving Vehicle’. Furthermore, the rest of us were there to discuss social issues and the stigma that surrounds mental-illness; it wasn’t a ‘Tech Conferenceand most of those in attendance were either donors to the future of Medical Development, Health-Care Funding, Non-Profit Organisations, Privately funded Safe-Havens (Rehabilitation centres for the Mentally Ill), and finally those who suffer from such illnesses hoping to meet and discuss their problems with people who’d listen.

I guess, the thought may have never crossed your mind when you got up to market a product which is worth upwards of what most of the individuals in attendance make in a year; completely disregarding the respect they deserve by undermining their day-to-day struggles.

You sir, completely lost my respect.

From an individual who suffer from narcoleptic attacks, to providing funding for private nurses for the elderly who struggle with mental health issues; it was a disgrace that a person of corporate interest was even allowed on stage to market a product which currently is still considered a ‘Fad’ and a ‘Luxury’.

Respectably, I’d like to inform you that unless your company decides to fund the individuals with the proper maintenance cost or provide lost-cost vehicles which have the ability to seriously combat the mental health concern; don’t bother showing up at a conference which allows people to speak openly about their personal struggles with mental health.

It undermines the day-to-day problems, making people feel more insecure about their dependance on others. It’s a problem that maybe you failed to understand or empathise with whilst you regurgitated your advertising campaign. Most of the people in attendance, were there because they feel lonely and have trouble getting things done on their own.

I doubt ‘Self-Driving’ cars are a solution to that, maybe someday they will be; but until then please attempt to understand that not everybody is made of dollars and that there’s a genuine soul that struggles everyday when they view people who have supposedly ‘normal’ lives.

Whilst, many may wish they could own of your super special vehicles; I doubt that’s the first thing that crosses their minds.

In essence, you might as well have brought a truck-load of guns at a conference for how to prevent Mass-School Shootings.

Kind Regards,
An extremely pissed off drowsy, Nabeel.

— Apologies for the rant.

I failed to learn the piano, so I decided I’d play the keyboard instead. //All aboard the Crazytrain.

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