“person touching hands” by Michael Heuss on Unsplash

Seldom did I think of you as anymore than an anchor,
Holding on for the better of us.

Was a future we rarely,
Thought of.

Running into the wild,
Unearthing the apparatus.

To what may one day be our reckoning.

If only we’d known at the time,
The future we’d imagined was far different
Than the one we had in mind.

The fantasies we’d come to believe,
Hoping for it to someday.

Be a reality.

Oh what a crushing feeling it must have been,
When I finally realised we’d held on.

To a friendship,
We didn’t deserve,
But succumbed to.

Holding on for a glimmer of hope,
Diving into uncertainty.

And how reality shook us apart,
As I do look back
I am reminded.

If it wasn’t for you being the anchor of freedom,
I would never have broken the shell of collective wisdom.

The reality we’d imagined,
Had come to deceive.

Relieving us of our duty to one another,
To our hopes and dreams.

Leaving us with an endearing reminder,
The time we shared
Was never a cancer.

I failed to learn the piano, so I decided I’d play the keyboard instead. //All aboard the Crazytrain.

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