Conor has always had the effect of his “Mental-warfare” which resonated and gave a visual to UFC, which was lacking before, also known as the Ronda Rousey effect.

It’s shock value and provocation, with a flamboyant presentation that put Conor and Ronda on the map.

It could be argued Ronda’s success was largely due to her match-ups, as Dominick Cruz pointed on the Joe Rogan podcast; and further covered by TheWeazel’s channel on youtube.

Obviously, hats off to you for such a well-conducted research. Whilst I only ever evaluate fights and psychology on the surface, you’ve taken a much more broader approach; one that I admire, truly.

McGregor is also one of the only UFC fighters to pretty much break most, if not all, of the previous rules and regulations to which fighters adhered to. Somewhere along the way, Conor became the face of UFC and too big for Dana White to control.

Whilst I do hope that José Aldo and Nate Diaz get their matches with Conor, since I do believe Conor has Six more fights on his contract; who’s to call how those fights might go after the brutal matchup between Conor and Khabib at UFC-229.

It’s quite sad, if I am to be truly honest, that some of the greatest fighters never truly got paid enough and UFC couldn’t do much to regulate Fighter pay-outs because it’s too dependant on how much one is willing put themselves “Out-there” is largely a concept of Self-Promotion to sell PPV buys.

Guys like Cruz, Diaz Brothers, Daniel Cormier, are in my opinion true-fighters but maybe not the greatest promoters, though Nick and Nate do have the shock-value effect and the “Stockton Slap” personality which got them favourable fan results.

Looking at Jon Jones’ antics and the drama that ensued, he still maintains a loyal fan-base and is able to accumulate a larger audience; even when Daniel Cormier argued all along that he suspect Jon Jones of using PED’s.

Statistically, I can’t disagree with you, you’ve done an excellent job of compiling a deeply researched and well-rounded article.

On Fighting strategy, I guess it’s hard to argue those points because either UFC fan base gets extremely sentimental or is unwilling to accept the truth.

The recent and most amazing fight wasn’t even a main-card, but rather FightNight.

UFC Denver, where Korean Zombie and Yair Rodriguez basically achieved an absolutely amazing performance; one for the ages.

If you’d like to check out my work regarding UFC coverage, feel free to do so,

Well written article, good luck.

I failed to learn the piano, so I decided I’d play the keyboard instead. //All aboard the Crazytrain.

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