Common Courtesy — For the love of my favourite killing machine; cigarettes.

Image Credits: Tom Waits / Unknown.

Cigarettes, no doubt, are my favourite brand of killing.
— It’s the only product on the planet; which tells the consumer upfront “THIS IS GOING TO KILL YOU.”; and yet I continue, willingly, to succumb to its suicidal power.

Australia; took it a step further to remind us, incase we smokers forgot, that these killing sticks were In Fact — Killing sticks.

They painted the embodiment of what the consumer could potentially resemble if one chose to indulge oneself in this selfless act of killing oneself slowly; and drowning others.

They also imposed a tax; so that poor people couldn’t buy decent cigarettes anymore — it kinda worked.

Homeless people started selling cigarettes to make a buck; and it did wonders for the economy.

Cigarettes also became an extremely efficient method of reducing the amount of cigarette disposal bins; garbage men had to empty every day.

Instead the pavement became the method of choice for dumping cigarette butts.

And instead of having designated smoking areas within campuses; so as not to promote smoking, we now had undesignated smoking zones off campus — so that civilians passing us by could look at us in disdain too.

It worked. We fell ashamed. But somehow vaping wasn’t banned so the campus began to look like there was always a cloud of vaporised nicotine.

It smelt nicer; and people could do pretty sweet tricks with them — until they choked on the cloudiness and the smoke rings resembled somewhat like a disheveled killing sticks the government was now making a killing out of from taxes.

It was common courtesy in the end — a reminder of a rare breed disappearing; the scum of the earth, the smokers, people willing to knowingly buy a product they were more than aware kills them now furthermore being killed by the financial burden of their cancerous habit; had no place in this world of a cancer free future.

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