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Robin Cru’el
4 min readFeb 25, 2018
Image Credits: 13th Witness x Nigel Sylvester

The day began as any other; we had our morning school assembly, proceeding to our class rooms in an orderly fashion and sat down at our designated desks.

Little did I know; this was the day I’d rewrite my perceived destiny by the school.

I was wearing a Grey V-Neck Jumper instead of the Round Neck Grey Jumper’s which were an essential part of our school uniform. And as such, if one deviated from wearing a Round-Neck Jumper; we were considered scum of the earth and had to be punished for it by being suspended from school.

I got called out instantaneously and sent to the school principal’s office.

He pulled out my file; looked at me with his eyes filled with pity and disdain. And proclaimed, “You know what this means? You’ll never amount to anything because you fail to obey the rules.”

I told him this would be a good time to call my parents and let them know how much of a menace I am.

And so he did.

Turned out my father was in the middle of a very important meeting and couldn’t answer the phone. When his secretary was informed the call was regarding his son; he stormed out of the meeting to answer to the phone, only to be informed that his son — once again had landed himself in trouble.

The conversation happened within a matter of minutes; the principal regurgitated what he’d just told me — “Your son won’t amount to anything. Are you sure if he’s even your son?”

I’ve been told by his colleagues that my father had never been so angry in his life.

He got to the school within a matter of minutes; storming into the principals office and told him.

“Listen up, First of all I’m here to let you know HE IS MY SON. Secondly, I’m very proud that he wore this jumper to school. Because it goes on to show how much you care about his education. From now on my son will not be attending your school. Thank you for your time”, and took me back with him to his office.

The school mailed a letter to the house a few days later informing my parents how I’d missed school recently. We never responded to the letters.

Instead, my father decided it was time to try a different strategy; he thought it best that I take up…

Robin Cru’el

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