Casual Conversations.

What are you watching these days?

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OMG SO…The Sinner is like True Detective, except it’s SO SO SO MUCH BETTER! It’s the shit.

True Detective killed it on the first season, but I’ll have to say — in terms of consistency, The Sinner murders every other anthology series at the moment.

We’ll just have to wait and see if Mahershala Ali can pull it off in Season 3.

He is a bad-ass actor, plus he has got an Oscar from Moonlight.

Yeah wasn’t that a good ol’ fuck up at La La Land haha…

Shit yeah forgot about that.

On the other hand, Jessica Alba killed it — I didn’t even know she had those dead-set off the limits acting chops; no offence to her, I just kinda never knew much of her work.

Wait it’s not Jessica Alba, it’s Jessica Biel!

I got that wrong, anyways…isn’t she married to Justin Timberlake?

Oh Yeah…Oh.

Yeah but anyways, so many plot twists — and the next season, the one with the kid!

That kid is going places.

That kid will grow up to be a star.

Here’s hoping he doesn’t go down the Lindsay Lohan path.

Speaking of Lindsay Lohan, she’s killing it in that new comedy series “Sick Note”…was it?

Oh Yeah..I watched that. Rupert Grint is in it.


You know…the ginger dude from Harry Potter.

Oh you mean…the dude that boned Hermione?

Yeah…what was his character’s name again?

Uhh…let me google that.

Hold up.

Ron Weasley.

Oh Yeah…shit I forgot that.

Yeah they’ve come a long way.

What about that Neville dude who suddenly ended up being a sexy piece of ass in the last movie?

Yeah that dude hit puberty real hard.

So Anyways…


You gonna check out that new Hill Haunting series?

Idk man…looks pretty scary.

I think it might Shutter Island type horror, I might watch it.

Yeah…I might too, might finally watch the Amy Schumer Comedy Special too.

Yeah I was thinking of what a good way to commit suicide would be.

That might just work.


Alright…so we just wasted all day talking about Netflix.

Yeah fuck.

Hope the bosses didn’t notice.

Oh wait we’re unemployed and you’re imaginary.

Oh yeah…Ha Ha.


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