I noticed the look,
you gave me,

As I entered the room,
you dismissed me,

You judged where I came from,
not where I’ve been,

Misguided my trust,
for lack of empathy,

Every attempt that I made,
to help you understand me,

You looked away,
not worthy of your sympathy,

Threatening wasn’t your voice,
but the actions carried me,

The disgust you felt,
to assimilate with the likes of me,

You confused my generosity,
for trickery of audacity,

To win your faith over,
in this misguided hate,

I looked after you,
as you looked over your shoulder,

Wondering if I was scheming,
when all along I was holding your head up,

Making sure you didn’t slip,
Into the abyss,

Where many had fallen before,
in hopes of finding faith,

At the end of the bottle,
where you felt you could bury your hate,

Building up inside you,
was more disgust for my race,

I just kept on moving,
I wasn’t raised to dismiss,

When all you thought about,
was how you could bury me,

You failed to understand,
I had already been six feet deep,

Realised one day,
I wasn’t the enemy,

Your crusade to end me,
was the undoing of your ancestral legacy.

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