Artist offended by Critics using the word “Artsy” to define him; claims Labels do not matter.

Artist and Son of Billionaire Venture Capitalist, Arthur McCrispy Jr; claims he is “appalled” by the response he received from Critics at his Grand Art Gallery Opening.

Mr. McCrispy Jr. went onto explain how much hard work and effort he’d put into his work only to have it “torn down by lousy critics who haven’t even ever created their own art-work”.

“I mean if you’re going to label me as ‘Artsy’ atleast fucking go out and create your own art-work. Who even are these critics? Like…I could have my Dad buy out their lousy magazines like Thanos snapping his fingers.”

Though Critics did provide some constructive criticism to the young man commending him on the devotion he put into achieving the right shade of Blue”.

“I think Blue really has a deep meaning within the art culture. Not only is it a definitive colour for the perfect reflection of the inner self, it goes onto show the emptiness McCrispy Jr. experiences living under the shadow of his Multi-Billionaire father”, said Art-Critic and Socialite Mr. Robert Forshit.

Whilst Mr. Arthur McCrispy Sr. was unable to attend the Grand-opening of the Gallery, he did send his well-wishes; securing his son an exclusive internship at the famous Art School of Young Sociopaths (ASYS).

When we later tweeted him photographs from the event of young McCrispy’s artwork, he responded; “I think I better add that boy to my Will”.

I failed to learn the piano, so I decided I’d play the keyboard instead. //All aboard the Crazytrain.

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